A new children’s book, Whirlwinds to Rainbow: The Story of Us, celebrates the courageous mama and her strength through her journey after pregnancy and infant loss to the birth of her rainbow baby.

Whilrwinds to Rainbow children's book

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At Pregnancy After Loss Support, we are always looking for resources to support families through pregnancy and parenting after loss. Children’s books hold a special place in our hearts because they help us connect with our living children and tell the stories of their siblings who died.

We’re excited to share a new book with our community, Whirlwinds to Rainbow: The Story of Us. This board book tells the story of a family that has experienced challenges on their journey to parenthood. Written by Mark Morrison, Whilrwinds to Rainbow is a tribute to his wife and all of the moms who carry the world after loss. It celebrates the strength of the courageous mama as she lives through the heartache of loss and shows her as the superhero she is.

“One in four? No. She’s one in a million.”

Whirlwinds to Rainbow includes a few special elements that set it apart from other books written for the baby born after loss. First, it is a board book, making it a sturdy option for even the youngest rainbow babies–no worries about ripping pages as this book becomes a family favorite.

Second, it’s written by a father, celebrating the mother. Whirlwinds to Rainbow really focuses on the courageous mama and her strength. Throughout the book, she is featured as a superhero, ninja, and warrior. She has carried the weight of the world on the journey to her rainbow baby.

Third, Whirlwinds to Rainbow uses bright and fun metaphors to tell its story. Your children will love the superhero, dragon, ninja, rainbows, and more animated illustrations to connect with the story.

Whirlwinds to Rainbow embraces the rainbow after the storm metaphor, showing the mama as the fierce warrior fighting through the storm for her family.

It’s rhymed verse makes it a fun and engaging read for young children. It uses age-appropriate language and avoids specific language about the type of loss experienced, saying about their journey to building their family, “But it’s not an easy path for everyone,” making it relatable for different types of loss and infertilty. It also avoids “angel baby” and other religious language and metaphors. The illustrations are charming, bright, and fun.

At the end of the book, there is a page dedicated to your rainbow baby, where you can add photos to frames and further connect the story to your own family. You’ll want to add this book to your family’s library, and this book makes a wonderful gift to the mom pregnant after loss.

Get your copy of Whirlwinds to Rainbow: The Story of Us at the author’s website. This book is also included in PALS’ Favorite Books to Read to Your Baby Born After Loss.

About the Author

The Morrison Family holding Whirlwinds to Rainbow Children's book

Photo from the Morrison family’s personal collection

Whirlwinds to Rainbow: The Story of Us is written by Mark Morrison and illustrated by Michael Briones, Mark’s childhood best friend. Mark Morrison is a firefighter and bomb technician from the San Diego area where he lives with his wife, Kimberly, and their son Logan. He wrote Whirlwinds to Rainbow as a testament to the warrior spirit that Kimberly and so many other women embody. You can follow their family’s journey on Instagram.

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