20140924_140806 Other than spending some time with my cousin, Liz, (who lives about 900 miles away), I haven’t had many opportunities to sit down and talk to a “newly” bereaved mother one-on-one until last week. After posting about my feelings of inadequacy when it comes to using my cloth diaper stash, fellow PALS writer, Valerie Meek, suggested I might try a visit to a cute little shop in Cambridge called The Diaper Lab. The added bonus? Valerie doesn’t live too far away, and perhaps we could meet up for an overview/refresher about cloth diapering. I was excited at the prospect of meeting another loss mama; not only that, Valerie is a beautiful writer, crafter/seamstress/quilter extraordinaire…just my kind of friend!

Last Wednesday, I made the 1.5 hr. drive to Cambridge for our adventure. I’m so very glad I did! The shop was cute, but even more awesome was getting to chat with Val. There’s something cathartic about being able to speak openly about loss with a woman who has been there. It makes expressing fears and hopes so much easier when there is an air of understanding all around you. Our stories are different…yes! But our shared passion for our lost sons and for healing provided more than enough conversation topics as we browsed the shop and then moved on to Anna’s Taqueria for a bite to eat.

As I head into my final weeks of pregnancy, and my trigger week approaches, my anxiety has been unpredictable. Some days, I can make it through with little anguish, other days…not so much. I can say with a happy heart that last Wednesday was a day when I felt “normal”, thanks to Valerie! Now that I’ve met her in real life, her posts take on new meaning to me, as well. I can hear her kind voice saying to me what I’m reading on the screen; there’s comfort in that.

Just another reason to feel so grateful to be a part of this blog!

Have you met any fellow babyloss mamas in real life who have made a difference in your journey? If so, I’d love to hear about it; I bet they would, too!

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