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Two of my biggest comforts as I head into the next several weeks have to be my bi-weekly non-stress tests at the hospital, and utilizing a kick count app each night. My non-stress tests began last Thursday, and will occur every Monday and Thursday from here on out. The beautiful women in the Drexel Birthing Center at Newport Hospital make me feel so at ease, and keep me informed as they perform each step of the monitoring. They explain what is happening as the hour progresses, and point out all the useful information they are getting from the tests. It almost makes me wish I had asked for them while pregnant with Ro, if for no other reason than that I was an anxious, older, first-time mother. But, at that time, I was blissfully unaware of what awaited me…what awaited us. In a perfect world, all grieving mothers would be afforded the same monitoring–and we’d get it EVERY day! Alas, that is not feasible, I would guess, so we take what we can get. Two days each week will surely provide me with some of the reassurance and comfort I am craving.

Besides doing whatever it takes to get our Li’l Bub to kick me as often as possible, I am using an app called Kick Me in the evenings when I go to bed. Now that I cannot have juice or ginger ale to encourage his baby feet to get revved up, I drink a glass of ice water, then lie down on my right side (for some reason, I’m getting better results on my right than I am on my left!); once he gives me a few kicks (which can take about 10 or 15 minutes), I begin a session to record how many times I feel him in a 10 minute period. Sometimes I have to do a little poking around to wake him up, but he usually starts a pretty active game of baby kickball on the inside of my belly! After those 10 minutes are up, he keeps on kickin’, too, which makes me super happy! I end up waking up every couple of hours to make a trip to the bathroom, and make sure I poke him awake to get a good kick from him then each time, as well. Poor guy won’t know what to do when he isn’t being pestered by his Momma to wake up all the time!


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