As the holidays quickly approach, we are thinking more and more about our babies who died. Oh, what would we give to have them here with us? We’d give absolutely everything to have all of our babies here with us, each and every day. But, their missing feels extra heavy around the holidays.

This holiday season, we want to remember our babies with the #WhatWouldIGive campaign at Pregnancy After Loss Support. We’ll have ways for you to participate throughout the holiday season.

Gift - What Would I Give Holiday Campaign


  • What would I give my baby for the holidays this year?

    We always wonder “what if?” about our babies who died. Around the holidays, we think about how old they would be, what they’d be interested in, and what they would want for gifts this year. Think about what you might be giving your babies this year, and share that with your friends and family using #WhatWouldIGive.

  • What would I give to remember my baby for the holidays this year?

    Set up a Facebook Fundraiser for Pregnancy After Loss Support. Donate the amount you would have spent on your child’s gift, and ask your friends and family to donate what they would have spent as well, all in your child’s name. Share their story and what you think you’d be giving them if they were here, along with #WhatWouldIGive. We may reach out and ask to feature you on our social media accounts.

  • What would I give the mom who is pregnant after loss during a pandemic?

    Pregnancy after loss is hard. Pregnancy after loss in a pandemic is even harder. Courageous pregnant after loss mamas have needed our support even more this year, as they navigate all of the unknowns, restrictions, and changes in care due to COVID-19. Give now to help sustain our core services for moms who are pregnant after loss, so we can continue to support them through their pregnancies after loss during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • What would PALS give this holiday season?

    We’d give the most-requested resource from our community of courageous mamas: an app for the mom pregnant again after a loss. Our pregnancy after loss app is currently in development and will launch mid-2021.

    This is our gift to moms on the unique journey of pregnancy after loss, addressing their specific needs and concerns during their subsequent pregnancy. Current pregnancy apps can’t fully support the mom pregnant after a loss. Our moms have reported that the existing apps are just not a good fit. We’ve heard you! You want an app to walk with you through your pregnancy after loss. And it is coming soon!

  • What would I give my friends and family for the holidays this year?

    As you do your shopping on Amazon, set up Amazon Smile on your desktop or Android, or iOS Amazon app to give back to Pregnancy After Loss Support.


  • To develop and maintain an app for the mom pregnant again after a loss.

  • To maintain PALS current programs and services for mamas pregnant again after a loss.

  • To create new programming and services to support moms pregnant again after a loss.

  • To educate providers and raise awareness about the unique experience of pregnancy after loss.


Give to PALS #WhatWouldIGive Holiday Fundraiser

What would PALS give this holiday season? Continued services to support our pregnant after loss mamas through the pandemic and our pregnancy after loss app, coming mid-2021. Please consider a monthly recurring donation of $9 (for the nine months of pregnancy after loss) or a one-time donation of $40 (for the 40 weeks of pregnancy after loss) to support our core services as well as develop and maintain our pregnancy after loss app.
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