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How do you deal with guilt while TTC, pregnant, or parenting after loss?


Jessica – “I havent figured it out yet. I have tremendous guilt and am currently working on it.”

Jenny – “I’ve had to work through some things, but I know that it was not anything I did. Because I had a placental abruption, I was very angry at my body for failing me, though. I was worried my husband was disappointed that I couldn’t carry a baby full term. I just had our rainbow baby 2 days ago, after spending 5 weeks in the hospital. He was born at 30 weeks 4 days, and I still have some guilt because it ended up being another placental abruption. I sometimes sweep it under the rug, but if I’m having a sad day I usually end up talking to my husband about it, and he is understanding and reassuring.”

Jill – “I had a lot of guilt and it became much worse after getting pregnant. It felt like I was somehow dishonoring my daughters memory by having another baby. Then one day I just began to think of her in Heaven having picked herself out a brother to send down here to me. It may sound silly but the thought of her having approval on the process really helps.”

Brittany – “For me it’s reminding myself I did nothing wrong and absolutely nothing could have been done for either of my losses. I am still grieving and terrified as I’m expecting again, but I deserve to happy about this, so I do everything possible to push any negative, guilty thoughts away. It’s a daily struggle.”

Frankie – “Phew, that’s a tough one for me too. I struggle a lot with guilt still. I will always wonder if there was anything more I could have done to save my daughter, and worry that I don’t deserve my son… ”

Katy – “I actually sweep it under the carpet. It’ll always be there but know deep down if I feed the guilt it’ll do nobody any good, especially myself or our future little ones. I try to lockdown the negative thoughts.”

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