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Rainbow baby outfit - Tips from PAL Moms: When did you start buying things for your rainbow baby?

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“When did you start buying things for your rainbow baby?”


Alaina – “I buy a blanket for each of my babies as soon as I find out I’m pregnant. It took losing two babies, our 2nd and 3rd pregnancies, for me to decide that I wanted to buy something I can keep no matter the outcome. So for pregnancies 4-7 I have bought a snuggly blanket ASAP. Nothing else really until around 18 weeks.”

Osiris – “At 26 weeks, I’m still not comfortable buying anything.”

Renée – “25 weeks and I still can’t buy anything. I don’t know when I will feel ready.”

Elizabeth – “Hmm. She is here now 12 days and we’ve bought little things like a blankie and a stuffed toy. But she wears everything her sister wore and used so that’s different. Doesn’t seem real until she’s here. Like I’ll decorate her room in a few months vs doing it prior to birth like last time.”

Miranda – “I lost my son at 20 Weeks. I am now 34 Weeks + 5, and I wasn’t ready until about 25-26 Weeks to start registering, doing the nursery, or talk about having a shower. It just seems like it is something that clicks one day where you just know you are ready. Also from talking to people in support group I also think it depends on when the loss happened and what caused the loss.”

Irene – “The day I found out the gender (13 weeks). I happened to be in a baby store buying a gift, so I bought a hat. My husband bought a onesie the same week, while away. That’s all so far. Anything more seems scary.”

Laura – “I am 24 weeks and 5 days, and I am starting to look around online, but I haven’t yet bought anything. I had 3 early miscarriages in the 4 months before this pregnancy. In the first pregnancy last year (officially my 3rd) I bought a doppler and wasn’t able to use it until 10 weeks with this pregnancy (officially my 6th.) I did only just find out a week ago that we’re having a boy, but I had no urge to buy anything neutral. As previously posted, I think once it clicks, you’ll be ready.”

Nancy – “23 weeks or so. It still feels weird.”

Loni – “I bought something for my baby the day I found out I was pregnant because I wanted to embrace the pregnancy and bond with my baby right away. We never know how long anyone we love will live so I choose to take advantage of every second we have.

Tara – “I didn’t buy anything until after my 35 week check up. My OB said it he would be here anytime, and I panicked since I didn’t have a car seat or a bassinet. I bought those items, a few outfits, diapers/wipes, and a few other must haves the same afternoon. I went into labor two days later, but he was not born for two weeks. Side note, I did not get his crib out of storage, buy crib bedding, or set up his nursery until he was 5 months old.”

Angela – “I bought her first piece of clothing online because I was too overwhelmed by grief to go into Babies R Us. At around 32 weeks, I went shopping and had a total meltdown in BRU when I saw the gown my son was wearing the night he died.”

Jessica – “Before I was even pregnant. We decided to nickname our rainbow we were planning Bee, so we bought everything Bee related we found. Once we found out we were having a girl (after losing two boys full term) I slowly started to start buying her things around 18 weeks. It was hard, I felt like I twas jinxing the pregnancy but I also felt she deserved the same anticipation and preparation as her brothers. So I bought and I bought and I continue to buy for her. In fact, I now have a problem with buying her too much because I never had that chance with my boys. It’s something I am working on.”

Aria – “26weeks. I wrote a bump day post about it. I didn’t want a baby shower though because I didn’t want to be stuck with a bunch of things that would just serve as a reminder. Sometimes I wish we had had a shower since we don’t have very much clothing for Zoe; but everything has worked out. I bought a few things for her, the grandmas are more than happy to get things for her, and so many friends have been supportive and given us hand-me-downs.”

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