Tips from PAL Moms is a column at PALS Magazine where we ask you, the PAL mom, for feedback about your experience during pregnancy after loss. We ask a question on our Facebook Page and hope that you can help answer it while also benefiting from the answers, all in an effort to relate and learn from fellow moms who “get it”.


“How is your relationship with your partner during the process of PAL?”


Jess – “It has strengthened us. We talk a lot about our feelings now then we use to and we both have the same fears and concerns. We are both so in love with our rainbow baby boy but at the same time we both have moments we find ourselves pulling away because of our fear of losing him. I am so blessed to have my husband and to have such a great support in him!”

Caroline – “It was terrible. He didn’t seem concerned at all about our baby or my anxiety. He went to one dr appointment towards the end of my pregnancy. We are still struggling to feel close to each other.”

Larissa – “We are doing well, but we make sure we communicate clearly – he listens to what I need and vice versa. I’m much more likely to need to talk about things than he is but that means I need to be ok with him not talking. Honesty is so vital!”

Anne – “Up and down. Parenting is hard. We’re tired, we’re stressed.”

Megan – “Our relationship definitely strengthened. My husband was amazingly supportive after the loss of our son, conceiving our daughter and so far through this pregnancy. He keeps my head straight and holds me when i have a breakdown. We are very honest about our fears and talk about them but make sure to stay positive and not dwell. I couldn’t ask for a better support system, he truly has been my rock since we lost our son.”

Holly – “I find it difficult at times because he doesn’t have the same feelings or fears that I have. He’s always just floated through our pregnancies but this time we had a loss before this one and it scares me every day. I have fear every single day it will happen again. I do my best to stay positive and not think negatively but it’s not always easy and he doesn’t seem to get it. He tries to understand and be there for me to the best of his ability but sometimes it doesn’t feel like its enough. We try to connect with this pregnancy but we’re still in the first trimester and its been hard. I’m hoping things will change for us. We have open communication so we can always talk about our feelings.”

Jade – “My husband is extremely excited and always talks about our little girl. However he hasn’t been a great support, and it will take a long time to forgive him. He just can’t understand grief.”

Rebekah – “It actually wasn’t to different, a tiny bit more fighting. What is tough is now, with our new born. We are struggling, fighting, arguing so much. It is mostly my anger from being depressed and anxuous. I thought the anxiety would leave with the pregnancy, but it got worse.”

Belinha – “It is great…We support each other, but we hardly ever talk about our fears. And even though the fears are there, we just talk about hopes and good things. I think sometimes we should share the fears too. But on the other hand, it is good to just talk about good things.”

Michelle – “My husband has been my rock through this pregnancy. He held onto faith and surrounded me in it when I felt I no longer had any. I wouldn’t have made it this far without him and his strength.”


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