This Friday, we get to meet our little boy.

I am just starting to feel this week that things will be okay. That he will be healthy and alive and safe.  It only took 37 weeks to get there!  He’s been squirming and kicking every day, and it is easier now to have confidence now that he can do the same thing for just two more days.

So this week I’ve been washing baby clothes and car seat covers, packing my bag and cleaning my room, and setting up the cradle and the bouncy seat and the swing.  This week I’ve picked out a take-home outfit for him and new  pajamas for me.  This week I have made meal plans for my family while I’m in the hospital. This week it finally feels real.  I tend to procrastinate as a rule, but this felt like I was waiting until the last possible minute because it was the first time I felt ready to do any of those things.

But that’s okay. They got done. And honestly, if they hadn’t gotten done, it would still be okay.

We are all feeling healthy again, thankfully, and the kids are excited to meet their new baby brother.

Here is my final belly shot, which also involved a game of peek-a-boo with my first rainbow, Maeve.


I’m hopeful that my next post will include a picture of me holding our healthy second rainbow.

And also that he will have a name.

Thanks for sharing the journey with me!

With love,

Signature Eileen


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