The children’s book These Precious Little People helps grieving families come to terms with the death of a baby at any stage of pregnancy, during, or soon after birth.

These Precious Little People by Frankie Brunker and Gillian Gamble: A Children's Book to Remember the Precious Babies Gone too Soon

At Pregnancy After Loss Support, we are always looking for resources to support families after experiencing pregnancy, infant, and child loss. Loss families have a deep desire to include their babies who died in their families and give their living children an understanding of their siblings who died. Children’s books help so much with this–helping us connect with our living children and tell the stories of their siblings who died.

These Precious Little People is written by Frankie Brunker, a member of the Pregnancy After Loss Support community, and it really is a precious book. It shows a diverse group of families throughout the book, sharing their different loss experiences, making it relatable to different types of losses and validating each loss.

“These little people are as loved and cared about now as they were then. Whether they lived for 40 weeks and beyond or less than 10.”

The book uses concrete language and rhyme to talk about loss and life after loss. It gives children permission to feel anger and sadness about these losses, and it also gives them ways to remember and honor the babies who died.

“It’s fine to talk about them. You can talk to them too. In your heart they can always be right there with you.”

Rainbow page from These Precious Little People by Frankie Brunker

Image Credit: These Precious Little People by Frankie Brunker and Gillian Gamble

This book is a perfect addition to the home library of any living child who has been affected by pregnancy and infant loss. While there are rainbows in the illustrations of this book, there is no mention of rainbow babies or any other religious metaphors or language, making it accessible to different experiences and beliefs. And the illustrations and imagery are just stunning.

These Precious Little People is not available for purchase in the United States, but it can be ordered internationally through Joel the Complete Package, the non-profit that benefits from its purchase. This book is also included in PALS’ Favorite Books to Read to Your Baby Born After Loss.


About the Author and Illustrator

These Precious Little People is written by Frankie Brunker and illustrated by Gillian Gamble. Frankie Brunker is mama to Esme, who was stillborn at 37 weeks. Gillian Gamble is an award-winning artist, illustrator, and photographer with a particular interest in storytelling. Frankie shared with Gillian her desire to create a beautiful book that would very straightforwardly but sensitively explain infant loss to children and make room for conversation. After all, this type of bereavement affects the whole family. Gillian was moved by her compassionate goal that parents should have a book that helps them talk to their other children about their family’s “missing piece.”

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