When I was pregnant with Rowan, Chris was on deployment and wasn’t due back until right around his due date (if we were lucky) or shortly after. The plan was to set up Ro’s room when my dad arrived, so he could help with the heavy lifting, etc. Sadly, we never got to experience the joy of creating Ro’s room in our home. Instead, it became the “catch-all” room (as you can see from the first picture) for items like his dresser full of clothes, his diaper pail, the computer and printer, my sewing machine, fabric scraps, and artistic projects. The guest room became the permanent parking place for Ro’s stroller, now holding a few winter coats and jackets. The closet is where Chris quickly stashed the crib, the cute area rug we had chosen (never opened), and the Pack and Play (swiftly dismantled).room

My parents are visiting from Indiana, and Chris has some time off of work, so we thought we’d take advantage of having the help to organize our Li’l Bub’s room. Mom and I began sorting through the piles of things I have shamefully allowed to accumulate in the room in hopes of being able to re-store much of it in clear bins; we have another day’s worth of organizing left to be sure. We plan to reconfigure the closets in both Li’l Bub’s room and the guest room to maximize our space. We’ll only be in Rhode Island a little more than 5 months or so after he arrives, as we will be moving on to our next duty station, but we want to experience the joy of setting up for, and bringing home, of course, our precious boy.

I went through Rowan’s chest of drawers (something I hadn’t done in quite some time), and it was very emotional for me to touch his tiny things. I cried very hard, yet doing so was healing, in a way. We separated out some items that were uniquely for Rowan, and will make sure they are stored nicely so I can revisit them when I need to. I feel confident that the other items are best passed on to Little Brother. After all, siblings share things all the time, and I don’t want the fact that Rowan was not here to use them first deter me from not handling his “hammy downs” the same way. We plan to make some changes from our original nursery plan to give Bub his own special place, but much of his room will be reminiscent of the plan we had for Ro.

I’m excited to share photos of the finished space with you once we pull it together. For now, I’d love suggestions or feedback about how you dealt with the special place you created in your home for your rainbow!

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