PALS_CK_WordsThe words I choose.

The words I choose for my world are essential.

When the light in my eyes grows dim, when my spirit fades into exhaustion, I know it is time to reframe the words I choose to live in. Even just now they started – once my pen hit the paper, the nasty words from that angry beast that lives in my brain at times – they started up again. “It won’t be any good anyway, so why bother?” And exhaustion being real right now, I almost listened. But then – the tiniest of sparks lit in my heart, reminding me to find my way back home.

Home. For, the home I choose for myself has a NO VACANCY sign for these beasts, these evil and ferocious monsters who conjure up the worst in me and leave me wrestling for the light. There is no room for them. None. I cannot make space for these negative words and thoughts.

Instead. The home I choose is filled with light. With words of love. Words of sweetness, of hope and faith, and sometimes of delight. These are the words purposely placed around the nooks and crannies of my soul, both hidden and seen. My home, my soul, is a sensitive one – one that easily succumbs to the pain of all things. I am often reminded to tend to these places, to work to stay vibrant and thriving. And so – the words I choose daily, the words inside my brain and outside my mouth – are deliberate. They construct the walls in which I reside, they frame the windows from which I look out. The words I choose help me create meaning. They can push me toward the light, or smother me in darkness.

Words matter. The thoughts we create for ourselves matter.

What words are you using right now, inside your own mind about this sacred time between two worlds? What words can take you back home to your Self when you are lost in anxiety or fear or depression or all of the above? Where can you place a NO VACANCY sign in your home – what words will you simply not allow to enter your being?

Words have the power to lift us up or to bring us down. Listen to your own and weed out the negative ones. Hear others speak, but only listen to the words that serve your highest good. This is a sensitive time, one that needs beautiful words and thoughts and beliefs.

Choose your affirmation, your mantra, and keep your heart (and head) filled with those words of love.

Lokah Somastah Sukhino Bhavantu. May all beings be happy and free from suffering. And may my thoughts, words, and actions help create that happiness and freedom from suffering.


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