Hey there gorgeous mama. Here in Seattle, spring has been creeping in on us for some time now. The flowers, the smells, the richness in the air is almost too rich to bear some days. So gorgeous it makes my heart explode.

One particular day in February I stumbled on this scene


and gasped. I couldn’t help but hear all the doubtful voices in my head that often ask (upon hearing I’m from Seattle) “But how can you stand the RAIN?” Well, folks, here’s how. The rain makes this happen in February. The colors start raining down soon after the new year, making those months of gray rain seem like a far away dream.

And then I got to thinking about me, and you, and all of us who go through such darkness before stepping out from our shadows into the light. It’s really not all that separate a concept. We are part of nature and nature part of us. We all enter and exit seasons, just like nature.

Our seasons do not define us. Our seasons teach us how to walk in this world. Our seasons lead us into new chapters. Our seasons open doors for love. After the gray, after the rain, the sun does return.

These musings sent me back to the start of my healing journey – my search for light. My first step was to make a list of inspirations. With the season of spring upon us, with the blossoms about to bloom, it feels like the right time to do it again. To create a reference file for the days your anxiety or despair feels overwhelming.

We are each so different, we won’t have the same inspiration list, but I thought I’d share a few of my current favorites to jumpstart yours.

  • Music – A local band, The Head and the Heart, never ceases to inspire me. If you haven’t heard them, worth a listen.
  • Poetry – I’m always in love with Mary Oliver, but recently have been called to David Whyte.
  • An article of clothing that is there just for fun. For beauty. Like this bright orange butterfly necklace of mine.FullSizeRender-10
  • I’m a huge fan of massage, acupuncture, reiki, well…anything really. These modalities create a huge shift in me and my ability to ground and find happiness.
  • My old stand by. Venturing out into local parks and discovering what’s in bloom.
  • Your own expression. For me – writing. Simply getting my pen to the paper can open up an onslaught of emotion and restore me to myself.
  • Yoga. Always yoga.

I’ll leave my current list there. I implore you to take some time with some fun colored markers and a blank sheet of paper to create a list of your own. Post it on your wall. When the darkness starts to creep in, remember it is only a season, and make a choice that sends a little light your way.

Spring blessing to you and yours. xo

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