Dear Womb,

I have seen some of my happiest days through you, and by you, also felt my whole world come to an end. You have carried life and also been the deepest source of pain I’ve ever known.

There are secrets your walls will never tell, and truth be told I’m not sure I would want to see it all, even if I could.

For now you are nurturing a sweet extension of God’s love, and the love from the union between my husband and me. I ask that you keep this baby safe and work hard to help mend my healing heart. I also ask that you deliver this message to your current tenant, if you could. I have a few things I’d like to say to my baby.

Dear Sweetness,

Your flutters remind me of the miracles of motherhood. There are a few thin barriers and a few short months between when our eyes get to meet.

To me, you represent beauty, and a fight against fear that I’ve grown to overcome. You see, everyone gets evicted– but not everyone winds up in the same place physically.

The first one who was there is now fully with Jesus in her spirit. She is first in line of our family to get her glorified body. But, no matter how far away she travels from this dimension, she will always live in mommy’s heart.

The second resident is growing on this side of eternity. I was plagued with crippling anxiety that he too would have to go away, but thankfully, I get to carry this one in my arms and shower him with kisses day after day.

And then there’s you: my unique and budding child. It won’t be a long while before we get to meet.

My days are filled will prayers that I have already experienced the worst of my maternal heartache. Prayers that you too are for earth and will be part of the balm God will use to soothe my wounds. It’s funny how in motherhood you guys look to me, like I am this strong, capable, safe haven for you. Little do you know, you’re the same for me too.

I’ve learned a lot through it all. Your sister taught me to surrender (though, I didn’t really have a choice). Your brother taught me to hope. And, you baby, you’re teaching me how to dream again. May November continue to come safely and quickly. May you always appreciate our special family dynamics. And, may you never forget the history of the womb you began in. You are part of my story, and yet, a story in yourself.

Mommy loves you.

I hope you cherish the power of familial connection and always walk in your divine inheritance.

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