Hello, dear ones. It’s that time of year. The season when the lights are bright, the night (and day where I live) is dark, are our hearts can be somewhere in between the two.  For me, personally, it has been a little more challenging than usual to keep my inner light burning brightly this month.  I’ve had to reach deep inside to find it. And I’ve had to remind myself more often than usual that it is important to keep my inner flame glowing.  It’s been almost too easy to fall into darkness myself.

For my post this month, I want to share a video I made for Project Uplift – a holiday collaboration to choose conscious healing – a video I made on a good day. A day I felt strong and vibrant.  Not like the next, when I felt like I’d rather hide in my bed all day.  The video is an explanation of a few of the choices I make each day in order to stoke my inner light.  The reality is, for some of us, we must make the choice to create joy and beauty each day. Laughter comes naturally to me, but so does sorrow. Choosing joy is a conscious decision. I can’t let the darkness get me.  The world needs my light.  And the world needs yours.

Last week I was feeling down again, after much work to rise up.  Then I read this beautiful essay by Glennon Doyle Melton about why my broken heart matters. Those of us who are sensitive – oh so sensitive – who hurt whenever we see hurt – we really matter.  Your broken heart is worth tending to.  Your inner flame is worth stoking. We all need that light.  We really do.

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