My chunky monkey looks done now. But I’m projecting this on him because in reality, I’m the one who’s done now. I had my final gyn checkup last Thursday. Nearly jumping of joy when the day finally came, I was going to get checked! Maybe even a membrane sweep?!

Boy was I wrong…

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I entered our GYN’s office and after a weigh-in and blood pressure check, we got our ultrasound to check on growth. Bub’s growth was slowing down and was now one week ahead instead of two. K immediately asked if I had dilated and then my reality check came. Our doc wasn’t going to check he said. I blinked a couple of times and tried to control my resting bitch face (Something I had adopted in these final few weeks). Our GYN told us that dilation didn’t tell him or us anything of his possible debut (but but but, membrane sweep?’), Nope… Wasn’t going to happen. I’m scheduled for a CTG in 8 days time in hospital, and if he doesn’t make his debut by then I am going to insist on checking/sweeping. My mind CRAVES information, even when that doesn’t tell me anything about giving birth.

I’m having strong Braxton Hicks in the morning that always tend to level out on mid-day.

Sometimes they make me nauseous, sometimes they are painless and ‘useless’. I’m having difficulty in doing anything, like, getting out of bed. And reflux medications and I are Bff’s now. I’m slightly discouraged as you can see. My mind is fully set on getting him out but I know that it is not my decision at all. He’ll come when he feels ready. I just hope you feel ready soon Bubba…. I want to get rid of all my anticipation and fear. Look at the likeness between you and your sister, start a new chapter…

Beached whale, over and out. X

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