Another weird week has passed, seems this pregnancy always gives me something to talk about! I am talking about last Thursday. I was suffering from splitting headaches and a never ending thirst. So I contacted my gyn to ask if this was normal in late pregnancy. He asked me to follow up at my local gp for a blood test to test my glucose levels. But since is was a special holiday, I had to go in follow up with a gp on call. Arriving there he told me that the lab wasn’t working today and his glucose machine was broken. So I had to go to hospital. Mind you, I did have trouble with a very low glucose before so this gp on call was quite worried. He didn’t give me a file so I had to go to the ER for a silly glucose test!!!!

Arriving there they take my blood pressure and low and behold… It’s higher then it should be. I blame it on the stress for having to harass ER for a glucose test but they take it serious. I get send up to L&D for a 30 minute monitoring session. I follow the midwife attending into room number 4. The room where I spend 2,5 days giving birth to my daughter… K and I look at each other and say ‘well this is awkward” The midwife looks very confused to which I know she hasn’t read my file yet but that’s okay. I lock myself in the bathroom for a minute before they hook me up and I’m fighting my tears. The smell, surroundings.. It all comes back to you just then. I get back out there and the monitor starts. A sleepy 144 bpm Bubba quickly fluctuates to a 160/170 kicking machine and back to a  little sleeping monkey. His heart rate couldn’t be any better so they finish the Ctg and decide on making (two?!) ultrasounds of his growth and fluid. Both are impeccable .. Mind you that I’ve spend two hours in L&D by then , still suffering a headache and I STILL don’t know my glucose levels (and I haven’t eaten anything since 9pm the night before so I feel like biting someone’s head off). Then they decide I need to take the one hour glucose test….

Long story short, my glucose testing went great. Nothing wrong with me besides a crunching need of extra fluids in these last weeks of pregnancy.My blood pressure was down after the Ctg and everything is wonderful and I still can’t believe that I am having this healthy baby boy in a few weeks time. They did everything that felt right when they suspected pregnancy diabetes and I’m still waiting for the ceiling to fall down. I guess it’s a PALS thing.. But what I do have, is gratitude for the great care (that I didn’t appreciate back then because of a hulky hunger) that I received the minute I went in. It took use 5 hours to get out of hospital but I got out with great news and more proof that he was doing just great. I did feel annoyed for having to go to the ER for something like this, but the affirmation of his health and strength did give me strength. And I left my daughters birth room with the sound of his brothers strong heart beat. Another new and strong memory.

Love, S.

(picture : Labor room 4, Where I have birth to my precious daughter and listened to my sons heart)

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