I think every pregnant mama will agree that it is an exhausting time. As I get further in my third trimester, my body is getting more and more exhausted. As well as growing a new little person, I spend my days looking after my 1.5 year old son which is both fun and tiring. Between his loving tackles cuddles and the baby’s reassuring but painful kicks, there’s nothing more I want than a good night sleep. But that’s easier said than done with a 31 week bump! Plus there’s the added emotional weight of being pregnant after loss. It’s been a tiring few weeks!

So I’ve been trying to grab the small moments of rest when I can. I’ve been indulging in the latest series of Masterchef each night and baking to celebrate the passing of each week. My son loves being outside so if our winter weather allows, I’ve been taking a chair out to the backyard to relax in the sun while he plays. If I’m already out doing something, sometimes I’ll spend an extra few minutes soaking in the sun before coming back home. A good dose of sunshine can be enough to calm my nerves and give me rest.


A beautiful winter day in Adelaide

But the best rest I’ve had is thanks to my husband. I told him last week that I felt I needed a day off from everything so I could feel refreshed. I dreamed of being able to stay in bed, watch movies and generally forget about all my responsibilities for just one day. I was mostly being silly, but as it turned out Marcus had an extra day off this week. I didn’t stay in bed and watch movies, but he took care of Levi which allowed me to both sleep in and have a long nap. And for the first time in a long time, I actually felt rested! Everything seems easier to cope with when I’ve had more rest. Hopefully I can find enough small ways to rest and relax until this baby arrives. Two months to go!

With Love,

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