While there are more and more resources for pregnancy, infant and child loss, as well as pregnancy after loss, becoming available, there are still few resources for LGBTQ+ families experiencing loss and pregnancy after loss. As Jessica Clasby-Monk wrote, “I would describe being a same sex couple experiencing baby loss as being in a small pond, within a small pond.”

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We’ve compiled some resources for LGBTQ+ families and will continually update this list as more resources become available. Stories are a powerful tool to connect, so many of these resources are families sharing their stories of loss and life after loss.

LGBTQ+ Loss Stories and Resources


#LGBTBabyLoss is a resource created by PALS former bump day blogger, Jessica Clasby-Monk of The Legacy of Leo. The #LGBTBabyLoss blog series shares experiences of early miscarriage, recurrent loss, stillbirth, neonatal death, prematurity, preeclampsia, and twin loss.

“There is as much diversity in death, as there is in life.” ~Jessica Clasby-Monk

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Information Sheet from the Australian Psychological Society

This information sheet describes what pregnancy loss might mean for LGBT people, how mental health professionals might assist LGBT people who have experienced pregnancy loss, as well as providing some useful resources.

Personal Stories



Other Resources

LGBTQ+ Pregnancy After Loss

Pregnancy After Loss Support is honored to have had two LGBTQ+ courageous mamas share their pregnancy after loss journeys as bump day bloggers at PALS.

We hope these resources help you feel less alone on your loss journey as an LGBTQ+ family.

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