There isn’t enough attention paid to the Dads in the pregnancy after loss community. We are worried about, and rightly so, the women. They are enduring both the physical challenges of pregnancy, but also carry such a huge emotional burden. However, we know that our partners are struggling with their emotions too. Losing a child is such a huge blow. Men often in our culture are expected to keep their feelings to themselves. So with December being the season of giving, I’m thinking about the gifts we can give to the Dads in our lives. Dads who might be struggling in silence.

Love Comma Dad

Love Comma Dad is a new project launched by Gabriel Soh, a dad who has experienced miscarriage, stillbirth and has a rainbow son. He’s developed an incredible Care Package that consists of a series of video-based tools designed to help men with their grieving process. It is delivered via e-mail, so you can move through the series at your own pace and in your own time. You’ll hear from several dads who have lost children, at all ages and stages, but who’ve gone on to heal their pain in their own unique and beautiful ways. Oh, and I’m one of the participants too! Did I mention it is free?

Finding Our Way Home

Bibliotherapy is another way to help heal from many challenges, including grief. Reading a memoir from someone who’s traveled a similar journey to our own can help model healthy grieving. Dr. Damon Dagnone is an emergency room doctor who has written a beautiful book, called Finding Our Way Home: A Family’s Story of Life, Love and Loss. It’s about his own grief journey after losing his son Callum to a brain tumor. He’s travelled the pregnancy loss, child loss and adoption journey and is able to write candidly about all three. You can read a longer review of the book over at Joy at the End of the Rainbow.

Do you know of other great resources for Dads? Will you be giving your partner a grief journey gift this holiday season? Let our readers know what has helped you, and in this way, we can help one another.

Image credit: FutUndBeidl via Used under Creative Commons Licence.

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