Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Primary.com and Hanna Andersson have released fabulous rainbow matching pajamas for the whole family! We think these will be a hit for our rainbow-loving courageous mamas and their families!

Primary.com navy sunburst heart rainbow matching family pajamas

Photo Credit: Primary.com

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Let’s start with Hanna Andersson.

We love Hanna Jams for their classic look and organic cotton. Hanna Andersson often has darling rainbow clothes available, so they are one of my go-tos when I’m looking for something rainbow for my daughter.

Hanna Andersson currently has two rainbow matching family pajamas available. The first, LOVED Matching Family Pajamas, is available for every member of your family.

Hanna Andersson LOVED rainbow family pajamas

Photo Credit: Hanna Andersson

On the other hand, Retro Rainbows In Navy Matching Family Pajamas only has adult women, kids, and baby sizes.

Hanna Andersson Retro Rainbow family pajamas

Photo Credit: Hanna Andersson

Primary.com is another PALS-favorite retailer.

Everyone always loves their heart rainbow zipper pjs. Their clothes are so cute and incredibly soft. They just released these adorable, gender-neutral Navy Sunburst Heart Family PJs. These are limited edition, so be sure to get them soon! And maybe in a few sizes for the kiddos so you can match even longer.

Primary.com navy sunburst heart rainbow matching family pajamas

But, one of the extra things we love about the Primary.com pajamas is the opportunity to mix and match. You can get rainbow PJ pants and a solid-colored shirt for the grown-ups.

Or, you could even get the rainbow hearts

primary.com rainbow hearts footie pajamas

Photo Credit: Primary.com

…or rainbow stars for the kiddos. How cute would that mix and match be?

primary.com rainbow star footie pajamas

Photo Credit: Primary.com

So, which is your favorite? Will you all be in rainbow family matching pajamas for Valentine’s Day this year? We’d love to see the pictures if you do!

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