Rainbow Birth Story by Gina

During the first half of this pregnancy I was scared, unattached, and not into the pregnancy. I tried, but all I could think about was the baby we lost at 9.4 weeks pregnant 15 months before I got pregnant with our daughter.

The pregnancy was an easy one. I felt her kick in week 19 but not consistently until week 24/25. The week leading up to induction, five days before she was due, I tried all the old wives tales to jump-start labor and even tried the essential oil options, but nothing fully worked to kick-start it. But I was 2-3cm, 70% effaced when I went in at 7:30 a.m. on June 8th. By 9:10 a.m., I was hooked up to IV antibiotics due to being Group B positive, and the Pitocin was started. As I went along first couple hours, I was Facebooking and texting, but when I started having contractions that slowed until no more updates from me. My support kept dad and two friends updated. When things started to get going, dad came from work to be there.

About noon the doctor came in to check me and I was hoping for 5cm. They broke my water about 12:30 p.m. Dad showed up at 12:45 p.m. I kept laboring on, finally getting the nurse in trouble for forcing me to stay in bed after talking with my doctor. So after the water broke, I was up an on the ball. I moved between there and the rocker.

I sang through most of the contractions while breathing. I was also using essential oil blends for back labor and for refocusing. My friend and labor support knew what I would need based on my vocals and how I was feeling by the time the contractions really got going.

At shift change I got a very supportive nurse, not that I recall much of her. I was on the toilet and comfortable, and she let me sit there to even get checked to see where I was: 7cm. I stayed there until my legs fell asleep, holding onto dad. Even though the contractions were increasing, I was still able to rest between them and become so relaxed it was like I was sleeping when I look at the photos taken.

From there, I moved between the ball and the rocker until I crawled into the bed leaning over the back of the bed on my knees. I stayed there until my knees couldn’t take it any more. I flipped over in a goofy side laying leg up on the squat bar. It was just after this that I lost it. I was screaming for the epidural. Remember this was induction and so far no pain meds or epidural, just the essential oils. It took about 20 minutes of me screaming, “Epi! Epi! Epi!” and begging for it and apparently cussing to regain control, just as my body was saying push. Nursed checked: no pushing just a lip left. She called for doctor and said no pushing yet.

I told them, “Screw that! My body is saying push,” so I did. I finally got the ok to push, and I did. I could do one non-productive push, two very productive pushes, pant and give a half push for a little more during each contraction. Less than an hour of pushing and our daughter arrived. Fuzzy blond hair and a small little thing.

RBS_TerriNecklaceSometime before pushing, the Doppler lost our daughter. The nurse said, “Call the doctor, and I want the hand held Doppler.” It took some tense time but finally they found her again safe. She just dove from up high to very low.


Once she was out, I started bawling like a baby, grabbing for her and wanting her on my chest, but her cord was a little short for that, so once they cut the cord she was way up on my chest. The beautiful little girl covered in white. She was here. My daughter. The daughter I was told 13 years before I would never have after failed IUI cycles and having lost the first baby. I never imagined I would be holding a baby I birthed.

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