Rainbow Birth Story by Michelle Gurule

I had a miscarriage and D&C on July 23rd, 2007. I got pregnant with my rainbow July of 2010. My rainbow was definitely not planned, but he is definitely loved.

I found out at my first ultrasound that he had a high umbilical cord. The midwives and I really had no idea what this truly meant but knew they needed to get my son out as soon as we could. They scheduled a c-section for March 24th, 2011 when I would have been 37 weeks and an amniocentesis for March 23rd to make sure his little lungs were developed.

Unfortunately the amino sent me into labor. They did a c-section on the 23rd instead. They told me that it will take about ten minutes to get my baby out and then they will put me back together and we will be all done. My rainbow was out in less then five minutes, and there was a lot of panic in the room. They sedated me after my son went to the NICU for some oxygen.


When I woke up in recovery my son and my mom were with me. The nurse came in and asked if I wanted to see my placenta. She explained that his umbilical cord was actually on the outside of the placenta instead of the inside. When they cut me open, my son and I began to bleed out. They couldn’t figure out how I didn’t miscarry him or lose him during the pregnancy. They honestly don’t know how my rainbow is here, but he is. He is a very smart and sweet little four-year-old now.


Unfortunately, there is a lot of worry that if I got pregnant again the same thing would happen, so they just advice I don’t get pregnant again. In a few years I want to adopt a baby: give an unwanted child a home and my rainbow a living sibling.

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