Rainbow Birth Story by Joanna Goodall


My name is Joanna and I am courageous.

Two years ago my second born son, Hunter, passed away when he was 10 days old from an infectious disease that is more common than a cold. He passed away from something that more than 80% of people get but something that less than .1% of people worldwide will die from.

As I entered my rainbow pregnancy it dawned on me more and more that my perfect baby boy died of one thing. One. Out of millions of things that kill people, my son died of one thing. To enter into another pregnancy where any number of things can happen is no easy feat.
Right from the beginning my partner and I were courageous.

As with my other two pregnancies this was normal, but this pregnancy was also very different. This pregnancy had another element. Anxiety. Anxiety that grew as the weeks passed. It grew as my Rainbow grew. It crept into other areas of my life, my oldest son, my partner, Hunter.
My Rainbow was to be born by elective caesarean, clean and organised just the way I like my life now.


After 37 weeks of growing a third and particularly special little man my Rainbow entered the world. He screamed out to me and calmed and cooed for as long as his face was pressed against mine. He was amazing and he loved his Mumma. He was worth it all.

We named him Arlo Hunter. The name Arlo means ‘to be courageous’.


Arlo was born with the brightest blue eyes that can’t be missed. My anxiety has lessened and I have faith in my abilities once again. My Rainbow birth proved to me that I can do it. It proved to me that I can bring a healthy baby into the world.

My pregnancy with Arlo was tough. But it has made me stronger.

We are a courageous family.

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