For rejoicing when we found out I was pregnant, for that, I celebrated with you.

For ordering more books than we needed on parenting, for that, I went click crazy with you.

dad holding baby's hand - Birthing a Rainbow Baby During a Global Pandemic: A Few Words of Gratitude to My Husband

Author’s Personal Collection/Regina Zappi

For dreaming what our baby boy would look like and be like, for that, I dreamt with you.

For keeping calm when I saw all that blood, for that, I thank you.

For driving me to the clinic when I could not think, for that, I leaned on you.

For crying with me under masks when the doctor told us we would lose the baby, for that, I love you.

For holding my hand as I delivered our son with no hope for him to live, for that, I needed you.

For holding me close when he was gone, for that, I will never let you go.

For being with me as I said goodbye to our first baby, for that, I will never stop being there for you.

For sticking around as my pregnancy became a statistic, for that, I admire you.

For being my motivation when I did not have any left, for that, I owe my strength to you.

For trying again when all hope seemed ungraspable, for that, I am grateful to you.

For joyfully exclaiming when the pregnancy test showed a positive again, for that, I revere you.

For honoring my grief without judgment, for that, I am indebted to you.

For showering my constant anxiety with love, for that, I owe my survival to you.

For asking how each sonogram went because the pandemic kept you at bay, for that, I appreciate you.

For being brave for us both as I delivered our healthy rainbow baby girl, for that, I am amazed by you.

For being the unsung hero during the worst and best days of our lives, for that, I marvel at you.

For taking care of our whole family with more love than ever imagined, for that, I will always adore you.

Happy Father’s Day to my best friend, husband, and hero.

1 in 4 women have experienced a miscarriage. Partners grieve too and are often left unrecognized. Thank the partners, the unsung heroes, they deserve so much gratitude.

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