After painful loss, you found the courage
To open your heart, risking more damage.
Those two pink lines turned your world upside down,
And for nine long months you tried not to drown.

Parent holding baby's hand, with rainbow reflection - Rainbow Babies Don't Keep

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At last, that fateful day finally came.
A beautiful rainbow you got to name.
Long snuggles at home while you recovered
Are just the start of what you discovered.

Day one turns into weeks, soon months go by,
And your little rainbow’s skills multiply.
Deep fear of losing them too fades away,
With every smile as they grow and play.

But as time goes by, you start to realize,
That your baby keeps going up in size.
You box up old clothes for another day,
And replace with new, hoping they will stay.

Those cute newborn size diapers are long gone,
Along with swaddled, calm breakfasts at dawn.
Acrobatics while nursing are the norm,
And trying new foods to help them transform.

Before you know it, there is a party
To plan. Cake, balloons, and family to see
The beautiful one-year-old they’ve become.
A milestone so grateful to overcome.

Before this sweet child filled your home with grace,
There was another, the most precious face.
Frozen in time, that babe will never age.
A fact that will sometimes fill you with rage.

Their younger sibling continues to grow
From their hair all the way down to their toe.
A teacher informs you it’s almost time
To move to the next level. No, a crime!

“My baby is so young, how can this be?
No, it’s too soon, they aren’t ready,” you plea.
“What happened to my sweet rainbow baby?
Surely there is more time, you must agree!”

You spent over nine months hoping this child
Would arrive safely, at last you smiled.
A sweet baby of your own to care for,
To cherish always, to love and adore.

And now that life you have dreamed of is here,
New memories, taking pictures all year.
Looking back at how tiny they once were,
How did it go by so fast? ‘Twas a blur.

In all your preparations, it was not
A big worry, to one day have a tot.
Alas, these rainbow babies do not keep,
Bittersweet emotions run oh so deep.

There were so many life plans made before,
That slipped away as your cried on the floor.
And now, a new life is primed and ready,
Let them fly as you try to stay steady.

One year will soon become three and then five,
You are doing it, watch them grow and thrive!
Five turns into ten, ten into twenty,
A lovely life, memories aplenty.

Before it is too late, I must suggest,
Snuggle your sweet baby close to your chest.
For one day they will grow up in their sleep,
Go, hold them tight, rainbow babies don’t keep.

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