Here we are. Husband made it to Spring Break, and I started the training fair for work. Rainbow is a typical three-year-old and tells me that she is NOT three and is actually four and will turn five on her birthday. (Maybe a downside of being the young one in her class?)

The world is dealing with one of the largest pandemics of my lifetime, with Coronavirus/COVID-19. We have had pandemics before, believe it or not. AIDS/HIV was one of the largest pandemics before now. H1N1, SARS, MERS were all considered epidemics. Want to know the difference between pandemic and epidemic? An epidemic is something that has grown out of control, a PANdemic refers to the spread of the out of control.

Rachel's 37-week bump: corona-concerns

I find a lot of people ask me if I am worried about it.

My usual answer is, “I think I am probably a little too nonchalant about it.”  The reality is that I go to the doctor’s office two or sometimes three times a week. I wash my hands fairly regularly, but I am terrible about touching my face. I chew my nails, and I have allergies, so I am constantly rubbing my nose and eyes. I could really be better about washing my hands. So when I went to the MFM (Maternal Fetal Medicine) for my 37-week check and my doc asked if I am freaked out, when I said no, he was shocked.  I mean eyes wide, couldn’t believe me.

I told him that with a Husband in pharmacy school reading all the latest research, keeping up with World Health Organization (WHO) info, as well as Centers for Disease Control (CDC), I am fairly ok. I asked him about after Caboose is born, because I know he will have low immunity, but we then discussed that there are not a lot of documented cases in kids and infants. Nor do we know a lot about the effects in pregnancy. So, yes it’s freaky, but when it comes down to it, I look at this as I do my pregnancy after loss in general. I can choose to be afraid and panic about everything. OR I can choose hope, and hope that it will all be ok. I might get COVID-19. It’s true. BUT I am educating myself about it.

Here is what I know:

  • It is a respiratory virus, meaning it will affect my lungs. That said, what is with all the toilet paper hoarding?
  • We do not know yet if it has systemic effects, meaning we do not know what it will do to other organs in my body including the uterus.
  • It’s similar to influenza, but that doesn’t mean I take it less seriously. I have asthma (well controlled) so I am at higher risk for flu than some. That said if I get COVID-19 I could very much get very sick. I do not think I would die, for the record.

I have a co-worker I overheard the other day saying she gave birth to one of her kids when she had H1N1 (bird flu). She said he was born healthy as a horse and was benefitting from her immunities. I have to believe for my own anxiety that Caboose is getting my immunity, and I am going to be ok.

Society at large tells me that I should be freaking out, but I am trying to stay calm.

The anxiety will not help me, it is not helpful for Caboose or Rainbow for that matter! As some of you know, when you are around tiny humans, they read your responses to things and react accordingly. So, if I am freaking out and anxious, she will as well. Except, she is three and doesn’t know how to deal with anxiety. So, Husband and I are doing our best to handle this like it is just another day. Husband was exposed at school to the virus from some classmates. Are we locking him in a closet with bleach? No. If he has it, I DEFINITELY have it. Am I going out and licking things and touching everything? NO, that is irresponsible. I am washing my hands, using hand sanitizer, and taking normal precautions. I am not coughing, no fever, no sore throat. I am short of breath but guess what, my lung capacity is 1/3rd of what it normally is because I have a human taking up the majority of my stomach cavity.

So, the point I am trying to make is that we are all going to have feelings about this virus. I encourage you to do research and take care of yourself. Look to the CDC and WHO for the newest and most up to date information. Do not believe everything you read on the internet.

Ok, soapbox over.

My Group B Strep test came back positive, so I get four hours of IV antibiotics.

Caboose is measuring to be about 7lbs now and in the 68th percentile. So, he is doing great as far as they are concerned. I scheduled my induction. We had a good talk about what we know about pregnancy, when it is too early and too late to induce. I was hopeful that I would have a Pi Day baby (3/14= 3.14) but he has other plans. I am still experiencing the tightening contractions, with some twinges of pain, nothing lasting, consistent or regular. All part of what they need to see in order to bring me in to be monitored.

I have been eating spicier foods, and walking like my life depends on it. Both of which are said to be natural ways to help stimulate labor. I will continue to do these small things to help Caboose want to come out and say HI to the world today. He will get the story of being born in the middle of one of the largest pandemics of my lifetime! Lucky Ducky!

Stay healthy, wash hands, and do not let fear win! We can get through this.

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