Another interesting week on the home front.

On Monday I emailed my provider because I was still feeling on and off nausea similar to morning sickness and wasn’t sure if it was normal. So, my doctor called and demanded to see me the next day to be screened for Preeclampsia. I went in, got blood drawn, had a urine test, etc. All of that came back normal and my blood pressure was 95/60 (totally not preeclamptic). I told my doc that Caboose was moving a little less that morning, he was in there but subdued. She asked me to be monitored to be sure. Well, during that 20 minutes of monitoring, I was apparently having contractions every two or so minutes. I couldn’t really feel anything. They then decided that they needed to check my cervix, to ensure I was not in labor. Good news–cervix is still intact, thick, and high (meaning he hasn’t dropped as much as one may think)! However, I am having a healthy amount of Braxton-Hicks contractions on a daily basis.

The next morning I had a Maternal Fetal Medicine growth scan.

Little man is growing! He is now in the 72nd percentile and weighing in about 5 lbs 12 oz! We discussed the options for delivering at the respective hospitals. The MFM doc was very kind and said whatever we decide we should do it by 36 weeks and schedule at that point. I did my Non-Stress Test while there, it was super peaceful! They put me in a room by myself, where I listened to my audiobook and relaxed! (If you ever want to talk about good books, and something that will suck you in unexpectedly- find me. This series is insane.)

My pregnant friend and I had lunch together this week, she has been working on discharging a client for a long time, and there were many hurdles. She told me she was wondering, since she finally got the client out of the hospital, if maybe she will just go into labor now, like her body was holding out. I told her that would be interesting and she (her daughter) is still early, so hang on a few more weeks! The other thing she and I are racing against–besides the anticipation of giving birth to a hopefully living child–is that we both are instructors in a large training fair coming up for the hospital. If we both go out early, it is safe to say it’s going to be a challenge.

That said, I have more things that people have said to me at this point in pregnancy that are just, UGH.

“Can you just make sure and wait until after XYZ date to have him?”

Yes, I will defy mother nature if my body goes into natural labor and hold in my baby for your convenience. That seems logical.

“Woah, you are big. Do you think you will go to term?”

No, mostly because with gestational diabetes they won’t let me. Also, never comment on a woman’s size. RUDE.

“Are you ready?”

Are we ever? I mean that–are we ever ready for what is to ensue? The hormones, the pain, the recovery, the sleeplessness. Who can actually say they were ready for all of that? I surely am not. Is his nursery set up? No. Are his clothes washed and ready? *laughs* No. Do I know where the bassinet is? Yes. Can I access it? No. I am sure it will all work out, or maybe I am preparing for something bad to happen?

Baby shower cake - Rachel's Bump Day Blog, Week 34: Busy Week

My dear co-workers threw me a baby shower this week also.

I am not a fan of showers and parties in general, but they made it low key and fun! We did the guess-what-is-in-the-diaper game. My friend worked hard to melt different kinds of chocolate into diapers.  A group of folks came together and all pitched in to get the owlet smart sock! How cool is that!? I am grateful for the people in my life who love and appreciate me. My new boss got me a card that said, “Real moms drop F bombs”.When we first met, I am fairly sure I started cursing within a day.

Rainbow has birthday parties to attend this weekend for friends from daycare.  Being the introverted person I am, children’s birthdays wear me out. PLUS being pregnant and growing a human, which sucks that life out of you too. After the shower, then two birthday parties this weekend I am sure that I will not get very much rest. SO this week’s self-care is extra extra important to make sure that I am not dragging.

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