Growth Scans, NSTs, and appointments all the time. We’re in the home stretch.

That is what my next 9-10 weeks look like. I had my 30-week growth scan this past week with Maternal Fetal Medicine. They monitor growth with Gestational Diabetes closer because GD babies tend to get more sugar, which causes them to grow at a higher rate than a normal pregnancy. When you have about 10 pound babies, most health professionals will ask if the mom had GD. Don’t get me wrong, some women just have big babies without GD, however the statistical likelihood is lower.

At my last growth scan it looked like Caboose went from the 55th Percentile to the 47th. Husband claims that he is shrinking, I keep trying to explain that no, he is just growing at a normal rate, and won’t be 10 lbs, which is a good thing! They took some 3D pictures of his face, and he looked good and healthy. His arms are in front of his face, like most babies. It’s pretty cool that they can do this kind of thing now, especially since my mom likes to tell me that she had one ultrasound with me and that was about it.

I begin my non-stress tests in February, twice a week. My new director was a little blown away at the frequency of the appointments. However, I do not have a choice if I want to ensure the health of my pregnancy.

This is where things begin to get crazy.

Where friends plan Baby Showers, Maternity pictures are taken (if you choose to do them), hospital tours, packing bags, making plans. We have more and more to think about as we move along in this pregnancy.

I was asked which hospital I would like to deliver at, and I am fairly sure that my face was as blank as it gets. With my insurance there are three hospitals in the Denver Metro that are covered, ultimately North, Central, and South.  I am choosing between the North and Central hospitals. I delivered Rainbow at the North Hospital. It went well, and for the most part I have no complaints. It is still and will always be where I went for my D&Cs, so there is a little bit of that trauma. However, they were different departments. The Central Hospital is where my nieces were born, as well as my friend’s son just last April. So I have visited but not toured for the birthing capacity.

smiling toddler - Rachel's bump day blog, week 30: the home stretch

I am also trying to figure out what we are going to do for child care for Rainbow while I am in labor. Eric’s school schedule gives him “excused” time for 48 hours, after that it is dependent on the teacher’s grace. I would assume after I give birth, he will be free to help with Rainbow getting to and from daycare, fed, etc. Last time he stayed with me the entire time and our good friend lived with our sweet animals while we were in the hospital. Now that is not as feasible. If I go in for scheduled induction, then this will be very easy to plan. The wild card is spontaneous labor.

Rainbow continues to talk about baby Brother.

When asked when he is coming she will universally say either “2 months” or “12 minutes.”  Not sure where she got either of those numbers, but it’s generally entertaining. She will walk up to kiss my belly, or ask if baby brother wants to share things with her. This morning she was going to share her milk. Trying to explain to a 3-year-old mind that baby brother eats what momma eats is fun.

I am also starting to feel the stress of finding childcare for him when he gets here. I was lucky that with Rainbow that we didn’t have to find formal care until she was 9 months old due to Husband’s school schedule. So, Caboose will get exposed to more earlier in life. We looked into taking him to the same center as Rainbow, but let’s just say one income would not support that cost. So, we shall see what happens with that.

All in all 30 weeks is going as well as it can. I will soon start preparing a birth playlist. I am very soothed by music, so I will put something fun together. With Rainbow, the delivering doctor did not appreciate my musical choices. We shall see who we get this time.

What are you all working on? Anxiety? Planning? Baby Room?

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