057Yesterday was our Lucy’s 1st birthday. It may seem unnatural to some for humans to be so in love with a four-legged animal, but we are definitely in love with our Lucy. Last year at this time, I saw a friend of mine from college (who lives back home in Indiana) posting pictures of her Labrador’s new litter on FB…and I fell in love. I was yearning for a being to take care of after losing Rowan. Perhaps what I really needed and didn’t know at the time was to have a being (other than my husband who had to go to work each day) take care of me. And that’s exactly what Lucy has done; she has taken care of me.

In September of last year, when the pups were ready for their furever homes, Chris and I made the 15 hour journey by car to surprise my family, and to pick up our new addition. We had never met her, but instantly, I knew we had made the right choice. Our 15 lbs. blondie rode all the way back to Indiana snuggling on my lap, and won my heart instantaneously. I’m not advocating that everyone who has lost a baby should run right out and adopt a dog, but for us, it was (and continues to be) a very therapeutic life decision. This sweet being has brought so much joy to our lives, it is difficult to fully explain. I am convinced she is a gift from God. Before our current pregnancy, I had more bad days than good sometimes. It is then that my little Lu would stay by my side and snuggle with me. She is such a loyal, loving being! It was hard to be too down for too long, because as she explored the world as a young pup, her antics and blooming personality easily turned my sadness and tears into smiles and laughter. Walking her was the only exercise I got some days. Caring for her needs took my mind off of my sadness for a short while each day, as my heart, battered and bruised, began to beat just a little stronger.

Because Chris and I also have dealt with infertility, the decision to try again after losing Rowan was all the more stressful. Having Lucy in our home greatly reduced the stress associated not only with the pain of our loss, but with our fertility treatments, as well. The injections, the emotions, the procedures were all made much easier to live with thanks to our pup. I am convinced she knew I was pregnant before I did! I’d walk in the door and she wouldn’t greet me as she sometimes did by putting her front paws on my shoulders; she became much more cautious around me (which is pretty great for a friendly pup!) Again, taking her for walks during this pregnancy has been a great help in getting me out of the house and keeping me active.

Now, a year after her birth, Lucygirl is 85 lbs. of the same gentle, unconditional puppy love. Sometimes, when she’s sleeping, her legs move as if she’s dreaming of running in a wide open field. Chris and I like to say she’s dreaming about running with our Rowan. We are excited to know our new little Bub will have an instant pal in Lucy. She is the best thing on four legs that could have ever happened to us! We wish her a long, healthy life ahead, and thank her for saving us, her Humans.

Do you have a pet (or did you get a pet) that helps you get through the pain of losing your child? Perhaps your pet is helping you get through an otherwise incredibly stressful pregnancy after loss? I’d love to hear about it!

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