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What a year it’s been at PALS (Pregnancy After Loss Support)! We became a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization this summer and launched the new PALS MeetUps, all while continuing all of our other support services. We look forward to reaching even more Courageous Mamas in 2018!

One of the ways we support our community is through our online magazine. Let’s take a look back at our most-read articles from 2017–both new articles and articles from our archives. What was your favorite article from PALS this year?

Our most-read new articles from 2017:

1. I Still Need Your Support by Elizabeth Thoma


2. I Refuse by Trish-Ann Taylor

3. Our Family Tree by Amanda Ross-White

4. Rainbow Clinics are a Thing and They’re Going to Change your Pregnancy After Loss Care by Rebecca Markert

5. Rainbow Babies aren’t Replacements by Trish-Ann Taylor

6. 5 Phrases My Loss Mom Heart Can’t Take by Elizabeth Thoma

7. A Letter to my Rainbow Patients by Katie McKenzie

8. Dear Superhero Moms Parenting After Loss by Lisa Hand

9. The Most Devastatingly Beautiful Game of Hide and Seek ever Played by Trish-Ann Taylor

10. Dear Mama Who is Terrified of having to Say Goodbye Again by Jessica Clasby-Monk

Our most-read articles from the archives in 2017:

1. 11 Things NOT to Say to the Mama Expecting Again after a Loss by Lindsey Henke

2. 23 Things I Wish Someone Told me about Pregnancy after Loss by Lindsey Henke

3. 9 Things I’m Not doing during my Pregnancy after Loss (and that’s Okay) by Lindsey Henke

4. A Rainbow, Not a Replacement by Elizabeth Thoma

5. 10 Things No one Says to the Anxious Pregnancy after Loss Mom (but Probably Should) by Lindsey Henke

6. The Unintentional Shaming of Child Loss Parents by Lindsey Henke

7. 12 Things to Say to the Mom Pregnant again after a Loss by Lindsey Henke

8. 14 Things No One tells you about Bringing Home a Baby after your Previous Baby Died by Lindsey Henke

9. My Pregnancy after Loss Bill of Rights by Lindsey Henke

10. People say the Darndest Things when you are Pregnant again after a Loss by Lindsey Henke


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