What a year it’s been at PALS (Pregnancy After Loss Support)! It was a year of tremendous growth. Before we get to our most-read articles of 2019, here’s just a snapshot of some of what we accomplished this year at PALS:

  • Launched the PALS Ambassadors program with the #ProvidersAreOurPALS outreach campaign, where we reached more than 500 healthcare providers to educate them on what the PAL mom wants and needs for emotional support during her pregnancy after loss. 
  • Hosted the first PALS Waddle Walk in June. Over 150 people participated in the walk, where we raised more than $20,000 from over 200 donors.
  • Presented and exhibited at professional conferences and community events in the US and Canada.
  • Launched a new website to better reflect PALS as a non-profit organization with growing outreach programs, services, and resources.
  • Continued to provide online support to over 15,000 courageous PAL mamas.
  • Added 5 new PALS Meet-Ups across the US and Canada, bringing number of Meet-Ups to 16.
  • Continued to share the brave courageous journey of the PAL mom on our online magazine.

And just a few weeks ago, we announced our pregnancy after loss app, coming in 2020!

We’re on track to raise $10,000 in our App Kickoff fundraiser. You can still donate through our Facebook fundraiser or at our #WhatWouldIGive campaign page. Help us reach our goal of $10,000 raised.

We’re looking forward to exciting things in 2020!

One of the ways we support our community is through our online magazine. Let’s take a look back at our most-read articles of 2019–both new articles and articles from our archives.

What was your favorite article from PALS this year?

Pregnancy After Loss Support's Most-read articles of 2019

Our most-read new articles of 2019:

1. Exhausted: The Life of the Bereaved Mother by Elizabeth Thoma

2. To the Mama Pregnant After Loss: You Are a Warrior by Jenny Albers

3. Favorite rainbow outfits for your rainbow baby: Target (and Cat & Jack) does it again! by Valerie Meek

4. To the Woman Crying Next to Me in the Waiting Room by Tracy McLaughlin Jaskot

5. Marry the Man Who Will Hold Your Dead Baby by Lindsey Henke

6. Let’s Talk Fetal Movement by Rebecca Markert

7. What is a rainbow baby? And is this term right for you? by Rachel Lewis

8. Why I Throw Shameless Over-the-Top Birthday Parties for my Kids by Lindsey Henke

9. What It’s Really Like to Be a Loss Mama with a Positive Pregnancy Test by Rachel Lewis

10. Dear husband, thank you for staying calm during our pregnancy after loss by Marissa Millerline

Our most-read articles from the archives in 2019:

1. 11 Things NOT to Say to the Mama Pregnant Again after a Loss by Lindsey Henke

2. 10 Promises to My Rainbow Baby by Elizabeth Thoma

 3. 9 Things I’m not doing during my pregnancy after loss (and that’s okay) by Lindsey Henke

4. 7 Things the Mom Parenting a Baby Born after Loss does Differently than other Moms by Melissa Ayala

5. What the New Mom to a Baby Born after a Loss Needs Her Friends and Loved Ones to Know by Lindsey Henke

6. I refuse to forget my daughter for your comfort by Trish-Ann Taylor

7. 23 Things I Wish Someone Told Me about Pregnancy after Loss by Lindsey Henke

8. 14 Things No One Tells You About Bringing Home a Baby After Your Previous Baby Died by Lindsey Henke

9. Rainbow Clinics are a Thing and They’re Going to Change your Pregnancy After Loss Care by Rebecca Markert

10. The Unintentional Shaming of Child Loss Parents by Lindsey Henke

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