Courageous parent, Pregnancy After Loss Awareness Month is for You. I see you. I stand with you.

group of women making hearts with their hands - Pregnancy After Loss Awareness Month is for You

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Here’s to
You standing at the bathroom sink in disbelief,
You with the ovulation kits and Apps on your phone, and
You trying to remember when last you had your period.

You keeping it a secret,
You fluffing your blouse so no one will know, and especially
You, wondering if you should even bother telling your partner this time. How many more losses can he be expected to endure?

You smiling through another conversation about trying again,
You being asked if you want kids, and
You being asked how many kids you have as if that is the easiest or most natural question in the world. I mean don’t people value decency anymore?

You with the five different doctors,
You standing in two places at once, and of course,
You with the one million questions and no idea where to start or if you should even ask the questions or just be grateful and silent.

I am talking to
You with the whispered prayers,
You whose faith has been broken, and
You, just starting to believe that you are loved and sure there are things you can’t understand but you can trust that maybe the pain was a part of your journey and not an attack on you personally.

What about
You the happy one,
You the scared one, and we all know
You, the “we’ll just wait and see what happens this time because I cannot get too attached again” one.

And then there’s
You with the room full of cheerleaders,
You feeling all alone, and
You finding comfort from strangers on the internet from that magazine you happened upon one day, so you decided to read a few articles and now you are hooked.

I can’t forget
You with the five living children,
You with more babies in heaven than on earth, or
You hoping for just one baby to stay, please God, just one, I can’t survive another loss, please just give me one baby.

I see
You with the nursery that is stocked and ready,
You wondering how you would ever afford this right now, and then there is
You with bags of baby clothes you never got to use and are trying to figure out how you would feel dressing this baby in their sibling’s clothing.

I honor
You who thought you were too old,
You aren’t too sure that you are even ready to be a mother, and yes
You, I know you have been waiting on this for years and when it didn’t happen you started looking into options to have a child another way.

I know
You with the clean bill of health,
You with no idea what went wrong, and
You, armed with tons of information, new medication, and a game plan on what needs to be done to give you the best chance to produce a living baby.

And finally
You the brave,
You filled with courage, and
You, the one that will make it seem possible for women who you are yet to meet but will comfort with your story one day.

Pregnancy After Loss Awareness Month is for you.
It’s all for you,
Whoever you are, wherever you are in your journey.
We are all cheering for you!

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