Support your pregnant friends through this pandemic. ⁣Their pregnancies can’t be rescheduled.

Pregnancies can't be rescheduled: Support your pregnant friends through the pandemic

 I’m with the mom who doesn’t get to have the innocence and joy of her first pregnancy, despite how it’s supposed to be such a cherished experience. ⁣

 I’m with the mom braving pregnancy after loss who was already so afraid as it is. On top of that, she feels there’s no room to celebrate her baby while the rest of the world is in crisis. ⁣

 I’m with the mom who went through years of infertility and won’t get the peace she deserves after the hell she has endured.⁣

I’m with the mom who has to battle complications and sit through ultrasounds/examinations all on her own since partners are not allowed in the clinics. ⁣

Our pregnancies can’t take a rain check for COVID-19.

It’s not just an ultrasound, baby shower, maternity shoot, gender reveal, you name it. It’s memories we’ll never get to redo. It’s a pivotal experience in our lives that will always be tainted because it happened during a global pandemic. ⁣

Beyond that, being pregnant during a time like this means telemedicine, solo appointments, uncertainty and fear on how our pregnancy, labour & postpartum will be handled by a healthcare system rocked by COVID-19.

Many of us are trying to stay positive and do what we can.

But when your mind, body, and heart are already changing so rapidly, living in a world that is even more unstable is disheartening to say the least. ⁣

As of now, it’s not clear if pregnant women are more at risk with the virus. However, they are fragile in so many ways. ⁣

Check on your pregnant friends who have to stay stronger than they ever should have to be.

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“Pregnancies Can’t Be Rescheduled” originally published on the author’s Instagram account.

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