When I was growing up, one of my favorite things to do was to take out the big photo album that my mom had put together. It was an antique-rose colored binder, with the words “family photo album” written in gold pen on the front. I would look at all of the photos and try to take in the mood of each captured moment. My mom would point out the different people, making their personalities come to life. Most of the photos were of me; one of my favorite things to do was to listen to my mom tell stories about me as a baby.

My mom was always really good at putting candid pictures of our family in little frames and set them all over our home. I always associated family photos with a sign of good housekeeping.

I’m a little ashamed to admit that while my career as a home-maker is a good one, I have been an epic failure at adorning my house with photos of my little family. I can count on one hand how many pictures are framed and set out for the world to see. There’s really no excuse because we are blessed to have a nice camera (one of the perks of being married to a videographer) and I do know how to use it; I even keep it set on a bookshelf in the living room for easy access in case one of the kids do something particularly worthy of documenting.

Yep, I used to be bad at taking pictures and even worse at getting them printed and framed.

That was all before I felt the impact of not being able to photograph two of my children because they’re not here. I wish that I could have had the chance to take pictures of my other babies; to have something to look at and remember their sweet little faces.

It was challenging at first to get my head in the right place; in some way it felt wrong, like I was forgetting my other babies. But with time and self care, I’ve come accepted that it’s okay for me to photograph my children. The beauty that I see in there eyes reminds me of the wonderful love that I have for ALL of my children, and the significance of EACH of their lives.

There still aren’t very many printed photos hung up around our home, but I’ve made an intentional effort to get better at documenting my living children as they grow.

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