Welcome to Pregnancy After Loss (PAL) Awareness Month Photo Challenge, March 2016.

What is Pregnancy After Loss Awareness Month? In the world of pregnancy after loss there is a story of hope about a precious new life, and it’s the story of the rainbow baby. It is based on the understanding that the beauty of the rainbow does not negate the ravages of any storm. The clouds may still hover but the rainbow provides hope and promise of new life ahead.

As we trudge out of the darks storms of winter and into spring with the hope of new life blooming, Pregnancy After Loss Support (PALS) is following Minnesota’s lead and proclaiming the month of March as PAL Awareness Month, and March 15th as PAL Awareness Day–a month and day to acknowledge the difficult journey of balancing joy and grief during a subsequent pregnancy after loss. To read the entire PAL Awareness Proclamation and see the ways you can participate, visit our PAL Awareness Month Page.

When does the Photo Challenge Begin? Pregnancy After Loss Support has organized a week-long photo challenge to highlight issues specific to PAL in an effort to raise awareness. The photo challenge will take place from March 9th-15th.

How do I participate?  We encourage you to share your photos on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, with the hashtag #PALAwareness. We may choose your photograph to highlight on one of our social media pages. You may participate each day, or just choose the prompts that inspire you to share awareness.

Photo Prompts & Guide

There are seven prompts for the week. See the descriptions below.

Monday, March 13th – Loss/Baby that died. We are on this journey because of the one(s) we lost. Share an image of the baby who died or something that you associate with your loss.

Tuesday, March 14th – Courageous Mama. “I am a courageous mama because…” Take a photo of yourself, brave mama, and tell us why you are a courageous mama!

Wednesday, March 15th – Purple for PALS. Purple is the color of courage, and we ARE courageous mamas! Wear purple, put purple on your Rainbow Baby, or make purple pancakes. Share a photo with purple in your day, and we’ll spread awareness about PAL for all of our courageous mamas!

Thursday, March 16th – Trying to Conceive. Share an image that portrays how long you tried to conceive your rainbow, or if you’re still TTC, how long you’ve been trying.

Friday, March 17th – “Today I feel ________.” How are you feeling today, Mama? Do you feel joy, grief, fear, anxiety, excitement, hope, depression, or any other emotions? Share honestly, so we can spread awareness about the many emotions of PAL.

Saturday, March 18th – Family or Belly. Share an image of your family or your belly. Let’s show the world the diversity of PAL families.

Sunday, March 19th – What I want you to know about PAL. Download and print our “What I want you to know about PAL” sign, and write a message to the world. What is the most important thing you want to be heard about PAL Awareness? Take a selfie with the sign, and share. We can’t wait to hear what you all say!

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