I’m due on Friday. But, they don’t want me to go past my due date, thanks to my age and an excess of amniotic fluid (called polyhydramnios). So, we’re going to induce on Tuesday morning. Family are on their way to be here to help with my son and meet the new baby. Hospital bags are packed. IKEA furniture is being built. Other last-minute to-dos are being checked off the list.

Mary's hospital bag - Mary's Bump Day Blog, Week 39: Almost Showtime

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Am I nervous? Yes. Am I ready? Yes. I think so.

I’m not sure what exactly to expect Tuesday, as I was not induced with my son, and I’ve heard more than a few horror stories about how long induction can take. But, I am choosing optimism. I am choosing to see 10/10 as an auspicious day for a birth. While many thought that Friday the 13th in the month of Halloween was a cool birthdate, it admittedly also made me a little nervous.

I’ll keep this short today, as there is still much to do.

Please keep your fingers crossed, say your prayers, and here’s hoping I’ll be back soon with an update about a smooth and uncomplicated birth and a healthy little girl!

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