Well-meaning people keep saying some variation of, “It could be any day now!” when they hear my due date, though it’s still weeks away. I’ve also had more than one acquaintance tell me their second child was born seven weeks early.

Mary's 36-week bump - Not Done Nesting

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While I’m increasingly uncomfortable as my belly has grown, I’m not in a hurry to evict my daughter from her cozy little bubble. She’s not ready, and neither am I.

For one thing, I need iron infusions to address the anemia. Five in total, two a week. I had the first two this past week, and I’ll have two more this week, with the last one on Monday the 25th.

I tell my baby she needs to wait at least until we’re done with the infusions because she needs the iron, too. While she doesn’t have to wait until the 13th, I’d prefer she wait until it’s actually October.

She also needs time to put on weight before she’s born. Her brother was small for gestational age. While he’s perfectly fine, that made his first weeks extra stressful. I have another growth scan at my appointment this week. I hope to hear they still think she’ll be closer to seven pounds than six.

Aside from my desire for her to be as healthy and well-developed as possible before making her debut, there are the practical, logistical things I still need to finish. The “nesting” list I haven’t fully checked off.

We haven’t put the infant car seat bases back in the cars yet. I haven’t packed my bag for the hospital (though I have a list). I’m still working on cooking and freezing extra meals for the first frantic weeks.

Oh, and we should probably narrow down our list of possible names. People keep asking about that, too. We did not share names we considered for my son before he was born, and we haven’t this time either.

It’s partly that we want to meet her first before we decide, partly that we’re not interested in others’ opinions about names, and partly a touch of superstition/fear. Fear that if we name her and start using her name now, we’re tempting fate.

I feel safer waiting until she’s here in our arms. And I’m perfectly fine waiting a few more weeks for that outcome.

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