Another Mother’s Day is behind us, but Father’s Day is right around the corner.

Loss dads deserve our acknowledgement, empathy, and understanding. They are our co-parents, our partners, and often our supporters. While every family is different and every partnership is different, we have all experienced a horrible loss.

So, loss dad, I’m talking to you.

Dad and Obie - To the Loss Dad on Father's Day

You are a father. Your child is yours, whether you carry them quietly in your heart or shout their name.

You are a father. Even if your only baby is no longer here, you will always be their daddy.

I hope you are acknowledged by others on Father’s Day. I hope you are wished a Happy Father’s Day, that you get a few cards, and that you feel loved.

I hope you know that it’s OK to share your grief, if you want to.  It’s also OK not to.

If your household is pregnant after a loss, I hope you have a calm day with low anxiety and lots of baby kicks (if you are at that stage).

If you are parenting a living child, I hope you are able to enjoy cuddles and giggles with your living child(ren) while also thinking of fond memories of your lost one(s).

I hope you hear the names of all your children, and I’m sorry that you can’t hold them all together.

If your family does gifts, I hope they make you feel happy and loved.

And thank you. For all that you do as a dad and a partner. For the things you do to take care of us. For the things you did that no parent should ever have to do.

Thank you.

Oberon.20141207.173023-2 (852x1280)

Oberon and his daddy, December 7, 2014

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