It has been a while since I’ve written an article or a blog post on my site (  In early July, I sat and tried to unpack some of my emotional baggage in an effort to understand my writer’s block.  I still had the deep desire to share my heart and to continue to heal through my writing; but any words that I could find that would even come close to describing how I felt just fell flat.  I felt like I had run out of ways to say “I miss you,” or “I love you,” or “This hurts.”

I had to travel for work in July, which meant that I would be alone for a few nights.  When I’m alone with my thoughts, they often drift straight to Leo.  He is always on my mind and in my heart, even during the most chaotic parts of the day, but when I’m alone, he is front and center along with thoughts of my girls.

During the conference I had a lyric scrolling through my mind all day long.  “I miss everything about you” by Colbie Callait kept playing over and over in my mind.  Later that day, I grabbed a tiny pad of hotel stationary and a ballpoint pen, took to Google to find a hand lettered alphabet, and began to draw out the words “I miss everything about you.”  It looked so pretty.  Much more meaningful than words typed into a computer.  I felt inspired, so I downloaded an app and removed the white background from the words.  I found a photo that I had taken in June in Monterey Bay and placed the words above this gorgeous ocean shot with a rainbow in the background.




I’m not a graphic designer and I didn’t consider myself to be a talented artist, but this image that I had created was straight from my heart and said all of the things I would have written in a letter.  I was instantly in love with hand lettering.  I was addicted to the feeling that I had.  I was able to write my words in a way that people could actually see what I was feeling.  I was able to draw my words and people were able to see the depth of my longing for Leo.

Since then, not a day has gone by that I haven’t hand lettered something.  I’m now constantly doodling and I finally feel like I’m in touch with my emotions even during the parts of my day where I find myself immersed in work, deadlines, and demands from others.

I started to teach workshops to local San Diego folks so they too could write ordinary words in extraordinary ways and emote through images.  I have a FaceBook page called “Love Letter Together” where I post my newest creations and the creations of my workshop attendees.  I have created beautiful commissioned works for others.  All of this learning and sharing has brought me so much healing.

I’m attaching another image, below, which you may download for personal use only.    Feel free to visit my Facebook page at Love Letter Together to see my art or if you are interested in custom work.


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