As my third trimester began, I realised that these are going to be the longest and hardest months of the pregnancy. They certainly were for my son’s pregnancy, so I should have realised that it would be similar this time. I don’t feel like I have a milestone that, once passed, I can feel safe because my daughter died at full term. The closer my due date gets, the longer the days seem. So I decided that I needed something to look forward to each week. The answer? Cake!

29 week cake

I’ve decided to celebrate getting another week further without completely falling apart, and what better way to celebrate than with cake? (It’s moments like this that I am extra grateful my gestational diabetes test came back clear!) Each week I will make a different kind of cake and hopefully that will help me see the end point is getting closer. Plus it’s a good excuse to try out new recipes.  This week I made an orange pulp cake. Ironically it actually wasn’t very tasty! I’m glad I did it though. It’s one small way to celebrate this pregnancy and although I’m feeling emotionally drained, this baby deserves to be celebrated.

With Love,


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