House inside my mummy

There’s a house inside my mummy where my little brother grows. Or maybe it’s my little sister, no one really knows!

So begins one of my son’s favourite books: There’s a House Inside my Mummy. It’s a great book that helps explain pregnancy to little children and Levi loves to read it while pointing to the pictures of the baby bump, then my tummy, then the pictures of the baby once it’s born. As much as he loves reading it from start to finish, there is one page that always sticks in my mind:

I wish the house had windows so that we could see inside. I couldn’t find a single one however hard I tried!


It summarises exactly how I feel about pregnancy! I desperately wish there were windows that we could use to check on the baby. Some days I keep so busy that I miss all the movements and don’t realise until dinner time. Cue worrying thoughts and desperate attempts to provoke movement (which always comes sooner or later). If only there were windows! Then I’d never have to worry as it would be so easy to check everything was ok. I remember being so relieved once Levi was born because if ever I was worried, I could physically see him to make sure he was still alive. That’s sadly not the case during pregnancy! So since there are no windows available (boo!), I shall have to be content to drink copious amounts of cold water and orange juice in order to prompt movements. Not to mention the spoonfuls of Nutella that always seem to do the trick…!

I just can’t wait to meet him, I hope that he’s alright. My daddy says be patient as his door is rather tight!


It’s not too much longer to go now. Of course, it still feels like forever but the reality is that the majority of this pregnancy is done. Soon we’ll get to meet our newest bub, which I just cannot wait for! I want to know if we’re having a boy or a girl and whether they will be a long baby like Ariella or on the shorter side like Levi. Both babies so far have had dark hair at birth, so we anticipate another dark haired baby. But maybe we’ll be surprised! Who knows! Time will tell 🙂

With Love,


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