Baby shower week!!! This week was busy for me and is all my family and friends were talking about with me. I thought to myself, wow, I never envisioned a baby shower for me. Even with the last pregnancy, I tried and it was hard. I think that’s what infertility does. Infertility made it hard for me to solely envision things even when I bought faith purchases, I never looked up a theme of how I would want our future baby’s nursery to look like or even the baby shower. In my last pregnancy, I did not have time. I felt that time was taken away from me to even do that. 

Jasmine's 31-week bump: Baby Shower

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But, now things are different. I don’t have to envision it, I get to actually live in it.

Jasmine and her husband at their baby shower

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That was what was powerful on this day. Realizing that what I said about “anything is possible” is happening to me and I am just to enjoy this day and bask in it. 

Jasmine's baby shower

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Seeing so many people that showed up was absolutely amazing and made me realize how baby boy is loved and people have been so inspired by our story! The main baby shower event was a drive-by and the decor was just so perfect! We had a private event in the back of my parents’ house for close family and friends to sit down and eat. The heat was massive along with the cicadas, but nothing dulled this day at all.

Jasmine's Baby Shower

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One amazing thing I want to highlight is how everyone was protective of me.

Decor at Jasmine's baby shower

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They didn’t want me standing up too long and they wanted me to keep hydrated. It was understandable but also funny how I had to constantly say, “I am fine.” It felt good to actually say that knowing I was being honest because I truly was! My pregnancy is not like everyone else. I was doing okay in the heat and knowing my body and how sitting for so long flares up my sciatica and round ligament pain, I preferred to stand and move around but nothing extreme that I was doing, of course. 

Jasmine and her mom at her baby shower

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At that moment, I realized how strong I am and how much I have been through and still able to enjoy this pregnancy and embrace each part! My anxiety has really gotten better since I have been on medication, along with therapy. I am just allowing myself to be and not be in fear constantly! I have to be ready for our baby boy.

Jasmine and her sister at her baby shower

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Now it’s time to continue working on that nursery!

Baby shower gifts

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Opening up all these gifts, setting up the hospital bag, and getting ready for my weekly appointments, and we’re just weeks away from meeting our precious baby boy.

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