28 Weeks! Third trimester already!!  I am very excited and nervous at the same time. Baby boy has been moving a lot too and feeling him every day really brings a smile to my face knowing that he is thriving in there and growing. The anticipation to see him is increasingly rising. I look at his 3D Scan picture every day just so in love with how beautiful he is. I talk to him every day as well. I am just so proud of our baby boy and I just can’t wait for us to hold him and love him even more every day. There is so much I can’t wait to tell our son especially how much of a miracle he truly is. For now, we are just focusing on all the things we need to get ready and have for baby boy’s arrival.

Jasmine's 28-week bump: reaching the third trimester

Author’s Personal Collection/Jasmine Simmons

There are many updates and feelings I would like to share so far about this week.

First, I will say my sciatica pain has gotten worse along with the round ligament pain. This pregnancy has shown me how strong I truly am from all the pain I have been through from knee surgeries, IVF treatments, and miscarriage. I just have to remind myself that my body is capable and built for this. Nothing will break me.  The pain sucks but for me I just don’t complain as much because I have realized that this is part of this chapter it does not come easy and there will be some pain. I deal with it the best way I can.

Doctor’s appointment was on Monday, once I turned 28 weeks. Baby boy measured right at 28 weeks when my belly was measured which is just wonderful. I can tell he is growing by how much my belly is truly increasing.  I was able to view the on-call schedule to get an idea of when possibly induction will be and the doctors that will be on call. This gave me a plan as well on when I would want to take off for maternity leave. I decided that I want to take off two weeks before possible induction. I feel that I should be able to relax and get things ready for baby boy without having to worry about my workload. Being a mental health therapist is a lot more work than people realize. You have to juggle a lot with your clients to ensure their mental health is good. However, my mental health also matters and I know those weeks I will be nervous considering this will be the first labor and delivery I will have and I just want to be able to relax further.

Trusting my doctors and the team has been very easy for me to do this time.

I had saw a post from someone, and she discussed wanting to give birth the “right way,” such as naturally. I thought to myself are people truly that terrified to be induced or have a C section? If so, I can understand the level of fear in regards to that but is there truly a “right way” to bring to a child into this world? People have different circumstances and one thing I will not do is fight with my doctors on what I do not want when I know they are on my side looking out for me.

I have learned a lot from my experience with doctors and actually being neglected. I appreciate the plan for me to be induced because I know they are looking out for my baby and me to have a safe delivery with minimal complications when I am already high risk. I can’t deny seeing that comment about delivering the “right way” truly triggered me. As someone that has finally made it this far and all that I have been through, you just look at things differently. I have a profound level of respect for so many women even if they did not go through infertility but the whole process of birthing a child. It is not easy!

No matter how baby comes, our bodies are truly amazing and we should not try to act like one delivery is better than the other.

The one thing that I do plan to focus on this week is decorating baby boy’s room a little bit more with hubby. I think this will be great just be in the nursery room even more. I can’t wait for the swivel reclining chair to arrive so I can actually have a chair to sit on. I have been thinking of working on the diaper station next too since we have had wipes and diapers arrive from out registry. So many packages coming in which means more to organize and put up! I think so far we have been doing a great job with that. Just trying to take things one day at a time and do the most important things first.

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