19 Weeks!!! Our baby boy is as big as a mango. I can’t believe that today marks being halfway! Yes, I know 20 weeks is seen as halfway. However, the plan by the doctors at the practice I go to, is to induce me at 38 weeks due to my risk of preeclampsia. For me, I am cool with it! Anything to bring baby here safely and keep us both healthy, I am all for it!! So, today marks the halfway mark. I always start the beginning of the week with a BANG! A new week celebrating baby’s growth and we started off the week with an ultrasound!!! The Anatomy Scan!

Jasmine's 19-week bump - embracing the pregnancy glow

Author’s Personal Collection/Jasmine Simmons

Baby boy has passed all major tests, which brings nothing but immense joy to my husband and my heart.

The sonographer mentioned that he is one of the best babies she has ever scanned. He shows his face and seems to love the camera. Appears to be a “good boy.” Hearing those words brought tears to my eyes after the appointment. It resonated with me because this all I have dreamt and hoped for. Going through infertility for four years and experiencing loss, I never knew where this journey would lead us. To hear nothing but great things, it really feels like a dream sometimes but it’s reality. It shows that anything is possible just like I have been saying for all of these years. This made me realize that our son is a fighter like me! He is doing all the work truly in there and I have to trust and believe that we both got this! We will make it through just fine. 

After hearing the sonographer say great things, I met with the doctor who said that baby boy is “Perfection.” He gives him an A+ plus his Mama is doing great. To hear those words too put into perspective how baby boy and I are a great team! We are doing all we can to ensure we meet each other very soon! 

couple with ultrasound images - embracing the pregnancy glow

Author’s Personal Collection/Jasmine Simmons

My anxiety really reduced this week.

I felt more at peace and even more comfortable continuing to add items to the baby registry. Also, I started to think more about ideas for baby boy’s nursery. I still struggle with intrusive thoughts due to my PTSD that does not seem to always go away. However, I was able to manage it better this week and reflect on all the great events that have currently happened. Also, the best feeling ever has been to feel our little baby beanie’s limbs more by my belly button. It assures me that this is really happening! I talk to baby boy more and more, and feeling his movements from time to time always brings a sense of peace.

ultrasound images - halfway there

Author’s Personal Collection/Jasmine Simmons

One of the major steps I took this week that I am proud of and others may be as well and some may question why I did this being that I am pregnant.  I got the COVID-19 vaccine. The first dose of Pfizer. I really was contemplating on whether I should get this vaccine. The reality is COVID-19 really is scary. I remember when my sister had this and truly suffered with severe symptoms. Also, just the fact that so many people have lost family members or friends from COVID-19 shows how serious it is. I was very scared to get the vaccine in the beginning of the pregnancy even though I qualified due to me being an essential worker as a therapist. However, when you go through infertility and then IVF treatments, you just don’t want anything to affect your baby since you have been waiting for this moment. As time went on, I realized that I am getting further along and with me being a high-risk pregnancy on top of that, I already have underlying health issues. It truly helped me come to peace after speaking to the doctors at the practice how me getting COVID-19 while pregnant puts me more at severe risk than me being at any type of harm taking the vaccine. This is what made me realize that the vaccine will not cause my baby and me harm. But, COVID-19 can. So, yes I got the vaccine and I feel great about my decision.

post-vaccine photo

Author’s Personal Collection/Jasmine Simmons

When I look at the picture my husband took of me that day at Walgreens after I got the first dose, I just look at my belly!

Like, wow, look at how much my bump is showing when not in loose clothing. I have always struggled with my weight due to PCOS. I never appreciated or loved my body till now. I never imagined being pregnant and not gaining weight. Like, I have to admit I look great being at the halfway mark. I am crushing the challenges in pregnancy and looking damn good doing it! What I mean by that is despite all I have been through and my struggle with anxiety, I am making great decisions and keeping healthy while pregnant. I am eating healthy and exercising almost every day at least for 30 minutes. This pregnancy is truly a blessing with baby boy, and he gives me the most amazing pregnancy glow I could ever imagine. 

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