Jasmine Simmons and her husband, Nick, struggled with infertility. They became pregnant through IVF but unfortunately suffered a miscarriage. Jasmine began sharing her story on Instagram because she didn’t see herself in the infertility community. There are so many misconceptions and stereotypes about Black and Hispanic women and their fertility. Representation matters, and we’re so grateful that Jasmine shared her pregnancy after infertility and loss with the PALS community.

Follow along with Jasmine’s journey, and meet her precious rainbow baby, Jowen.

Jowen - Jasmine's Bump Day Blog: Pregnancy After Infertility and Loss

Author’s Personal Collection/Jasmine Simmons

Week 12: Choosing to Hold on to Faith and Hope

Jasmine's 12-week bump: Choosing to hold on to faith and hope

Week 13: Announcing our Pregnancy After Loss

ivf pregnancy announcement - Jasmine's 13-week update: announcing our pregnancy after loss

Week 14: Surprising Emotions in Pregnancy After Loss

Jasmine holds ultrasound photo - Week 14: Surprising Emotions in Pregnancy After Loss

Week 15: The Anxiety of a High Risk Pregnancy

Pregnancy announcement photo - Jasmine's 15-week bump: the anxiety of a high risk pregnancy

Week 16: The Importance of Supportive Care during Pregnancy After Loss

Jasmine with glucose monitor - Bump Day Blog, Week 16: the importance of supportive care

Week 17: Facing Fears Head On

Jasmine's 17-week bump with onion - facing fearts

Week 18: Faith over Fear

"Faith over Fear" - Jasmine's 18-week bump day blog

Week 19: Embracing the Pregnancy Glow

couple with ultrasound images - embracing the pregnancy glow

Week 20: Starting the Nursery

Jasmine's 20-week bump with crib in box: Starting the Nursery

Week 21: Healing is Infinite

Healing is Infinite

Week 22: “Completely Normal”

Jasmine's 22-week bump "Mama Love" - "Completely Normal"

Week 23: Speaking with Confidence in this Pregnancy

Jasmine's embryo: speaking with confidence in this pregnancy

Week 24: Seeking Reassurance as We Reach Viability

Jasmine's 24-week bump: Seeking Reassurance as We Reach Viability

Week 25: Marking National Infertility Awareness Week while Pregnant after Loss

Jasmine's 25-week bump day blog - National Infertility Awareness Week

Week 26: Babymoon

Jasmine's 26-week bump maternity photos

Week 27: The Triggers of Mother’s Day

Jasmine's 27-week bump: The Triggers of Mother's Day

Week 28: Reaching the Third Trimester

Jasmine's 28-week bump: reaching the third trimester

Week 29: Challenges of Pregnancy

Jasmine's 29-week bump - Challenges of Pregnancy

Week 30: Time

clock - Jasmine's 30-week bump day blog: Time

Week 31: Feeling Loved and Celebrated at My Baby Shower

Week 32: Maternity Photos, Childbirth Classes, and More!

ready for maternity photos - Jasmine's 32-week bump day blog

Author’s Personal Collection/Jasmine Simmons

Week 33: Celebrating Fathers


Week 34: Preparing for Maternity Leave

Jasmine's maternity photos

Week 35: Hello, July!

ultrasound image - Jasmine's 35-week bump day blog: hello, July!

Week 36: Reality Sets In

Jasmine's 36-week bump: Reality Sets In

And…Welcome to the world, Jowen Akeno!

Jowen’s Birth Story

Jowen Akeno's birth story


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