30 Weeks! I am in the 30s and it’s amazing how I also turned 30 years old this year. Something about that number is just very, very special. Being in the third trimester is truly a blessing, knowing I am literally 8 weeks away from seeing our baby boy brings a great amount of joy. This week I have been focusing on “Time” and also doing better with taking care of myself since I had struggled the weeks prior due to pain and feeling overwhelmed. 

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So, this week was full of doing things that were important to me.

First of all, I started going to a new place to see a chiropractor to help relieve some of this sciatica and round ligament pain. As much as I was losing hope that the pain would not subside, I realized that I am getting close to reaching labor and this may be beneficial to help my body get prepared and release some of the back tension. So, I went for treatment three days that week which was great. I feel like my sciatica pain has gotten little better since I had the prenatal massage last week and this consistent treatment this week.

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Something else that happened this week–Nick and I attended our second class at the Hospital, Infant First Aid & CPR. We both learned so much and it felt great just to be in that room with other new parents learning. It made me realize how we will get into the groove of things on our own but it’s better than always seeking out advice from other people who have kids because we have to still learn on our own. These courses I feel give you a chance to learn the basic and important things first and can make you feel more comfortable and at ease when nervous on how you will be as a parent. 

Now, there were some triggers as well this week.

First of all, protein levels were a bit elevated at my appointment on Monday this week. I was told to collect my urine for 24 hours. The results showed that my protein levels were over the 300 mark and last time I was borderline at 299. My blood pressure has been great but then doctors want to take every precaution which I understand. The midwife I had spoken to brought up the fact that I have one kidney, and she feels I should see a nephrologist just in case my protein levels have something to do with that.

I had seen a nephrologist when I was a teenager after doing a scan for back pain and being told I have one kidney. Everything was fine. That brought up a great amount of fear and anxiety especially when she made a comment that “You want to live, you need a kidney too.” I felt that comment was very triggering for someone who has PTSD and has been through so much trauma. I felt it wasn’t needed to be said like that.

One of the doctors I see agreed and also gave her insight that it’s still good for me to get linked up with one since I may need to see the nephrologist after I have baby boy. In my eyes, I felt what can be done now? I am so far along. Could my kidney just be overworking itself because I am pregnant? That itself is a possibility. The midwife did apologize about her statement, and I know she is coming from a good place in just looking out for me and I am glad to have a team like that.  The appointment is not set till July, but I was told the nephrologist may just see me after the baby is born because my levels are not dangerously high. I felt relief finding that out. 

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This just goes to show how there is so much to look forward to but so many triggers that can still arise.

I still stand strong knowing that I am so close to meeting baby boy and “Time” is on our side. What I mean by that is the time is flying by and I am going to let it fly by without finding myself stuck in a mix of emotions every day. Time to continue doing what I have been doing, getting ready for baby!

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