I’m officially the most pregnant I have ever been.

Oddly enough, I don’t feel more stressed or anxious, I’m actually feeling very impatient. I don’t think anyone thought I’d get to 33 weeks. We all thought I’d have the same complications and I’d deliver her at the same time as I did Jack, or even earlier.

So while I knew that my due date was in October, I didn’t think for a moment that could be her birth month. I find myself looking for any hint that I’m going into labor early, and I’ve probably looked up signs of premature labor more than I care to admit. But it’s also just a happy, anxious feeling to finally have her here.

I’m also very confused by everything happening right now with my body. I didn’t experience normal labor or the natural breaking of my water with Jack. I was induced after we learned he had passed, and the nurse accidentally broke my water when I was having my cervix checked in the hospital. It’s a little exciting to finally have some new pregnancy experiences, but I wish I knew a little more about what to expect. For now, I’m trying to be patient and just enjoy these last few weeks of pregnancy.

This baby is being monitored at all times

This baby is being monitored at all times

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