After nearly 16 weeks of being considered a “high-risk” pregnancy, we have now been returned to the “normal” pregnancy category!

Janel's 36-week bump - A "Normal" Pregnancy

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After our anatomy scan at 19 weeks, I was told that I was at risk for pre-term labour. While I have written about some of the experiences in this blog, it felt too real and vulnerable to share every detail. Now, on what feels like the “other side” it feels like the right time to share.

At the anatomy scan, we learned that my cervix was shortening prematurely.

This led to medication, modified activities and a whole host of appointments. Ultimately, I ended up needing a surgical cerclage to keep babe safe. I was admitted to the hospital overnight, had to go through all the pre-operative processes, have a spinal epidural and spend recovery time at the hospital. Although the procedure was unpleasant to say the least, I am grateful for the medical care I received and that it worked! Sweet Pea is still happily kicking away in my ribs and has made it to “early term” as of tomorrow!

Janel and her husband at 36-weeks pregnant

Author’s Personal Collection/Janel Morphy

If you’ve been following along with my blog you may have read about the rollercoaster that pregnancy can be and the reasons that pregnancy isn’t easy. While these blogs are a true reflection of what I was experiencing at the time, it feels like looking back into a storm that I have already walked through.

On Thursday this week, at exactly 36 weeks and 3 days, I had the cerclage removed.

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This was done in the clinic where I had been followed as a “high-risk” pregnancy. Now, this pregnancy is considered “normal” and “typical.” It sure felt like a weight lifted off our shoulders as we left the hospital that day!

I no longer have prescribed restrictions on my activities and was told I can do whatever I feel comfortable doing in daily activities and to prepare for labour. At the time of my appointment, I was not showing any indications of early labour. I am able to transfer back to a “community obstetrician” and deliver at a hospital of my choice close to home. We got to hear our sweet girl’s heartbeat and know that she is growing healthy and strong in there!

Janel and her husband at 36-weeks pregnant - A "Normal" Pregnancy

Author’s Personal Collection/Janel Morphy

Baby and I reached a milestone I had been counting down to for months and was never really sure we would make it to.

As I head into the final weeks of pregnancy, I feel grateful and lucky to have made it this far carrying our Sweet Pea and we can’t wait to meet her!

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