Naming our sweet girl has been a topic of frequent conversation in our house lately…

A few months ago (before even considering names) we decided that we wanted to keep her name a surprise. By this time I have had many, many people ask me and my answer is always the same, “You’ll find out when she’s here!”

Janel's 33-week bump - The Name Game

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We decided to keep it a surprise for a few reasons.

One being that we are not searching for feedback! I’ve been practicing setting this boundary often throughout pregnancy. When we find a name we love, we are looking for others’ opinions on it. My husband and I are also both of the opinion that it seems strange to name someone you have never seen. I know many people do it, it just doesn’t feel right for us. In all likelihood, we will have two or three favourites and we will decide when she is here. So that makes it so that we can share the final decision anyways!

I think naming your baby is one of the most important jobs new parents have. Your name is something that represents you, it becomes you – for the rest of your life! We want to find a name that we connect with and has an important meaning. But we also want a name that is unique, while easy to spell and pronounce. So the hunt continues. On our “babymoon” last weekend we narrowed our list down to three favourites… and then the next day added more and had ten names again!

A river walk

Author’s Personal Collection/Janel Morphy

No matter what her real name ends up being, her nickname will always be “sweet pea.”

This name came about very early, when I was about 7 weeks pregnant, and it just stuck. She’ll always be our little sweet pea!

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