Woah! We’re Halfway There!

If you know the song, then you just sang that in your head!

If you don’t, then you should listen to “Livin’ on a Prayer” by Bon Jovi.

Currently, I am 19 weeks and 6 days pregnant! Almost rounding the 20-week mark, I am currently HALFWAY through my pregnancy after loss with our little sweet pea!

Janel and her Husband on a bed in fun pregnancy socks - Woah! We’re Halfway There

Author’s Personal Collection/Janel Morphy

If you’ve read more of my blog posts you may remember that I wrote another blog article called “Into the Unknown” about a song from Frozen 2. I am a music therapist and work with a variety of populations using music to address their goals every day. If you are interested in learning more about music therapy you can check out my website, Axon Music Therapy. As music is a part of my daily life, I often realize connections in everyday life with music.

Throughout this pregnancy, I have deepened my connection with music in a variety of ways and I’m sure I will continue to do so as things grow and change.

I have used music as a coping mechanism for myself during challenging times of hormonal fluctuations, anxiety-ridden moments, and feelings of stress.

Depending on my mood I will choose what music to listen to. Sometimes I listen to old favourites, I call this “comfort music,” just like comfort food! Other times, listening to nice loud rock music can also reflect the feelings I feel in my body to something I can hear outside, providing a feeling of release. Music has often also been a welcome distraction for me! It gets me out of my head and into the song, which I have often used as a coping skill on challenging days.

Last week I also started a playlist called “Sweet Pea,” (our name for our rainbow baby).

Each song on this playlist will hold importance to either my husband or me (or both of us), will represent a dream for our rainbow baby, a memory or reminder of our baby we lost or hold a vision of the life with hope for as a family of four. I want this playlist to be built with love and purpose. There are only a few songs in it so far, and I’m looking forward to finding more songs that channel the energy we want for our baby. I hope to share this later in my pregnancy when sweet pea can hear some of the outside world.

Author’s Personal Collection/Janel Morphy

The last way I have been connecting with our new baby through music lately is through our heartbeats.

We had a 3D ultrasound that I mentioned in a previous post, and at the ultrasound, they provided us a video including a clip of sweet pea’s heartbeat. I love watching this video and listening to the sound of their heartbeat. Lately, I have also been able to feel my own pulse in parts of my abdomen. I take a few moments every day to put my hands on my belly and connect with this pulse. I imagine what our baby hears from inside my womb and I imagine how our pulses would fit together in rhythm.

I am grateful for music every day and for the comfort and connection it has provided during my pregnancy after loss so far!

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